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  1. DUNA RESTORATION PROJECT Back in 0.17, Duna was first added. It was a gorgeous planet. It had low scale details and high definition, and had a variety of different regions and appearance to its surface. You can see a video of operations on the surface of the old Duna here. An album of old Duna here. A picture showcasing the small scale detail here. A video showcasing the detail here. But all of this changed in 0.21. If I recall correctly there was a small re-write of the terrain system, and a few new PQSMods were added, and several planets were changed. For the most part, the change was good. Kerbin got the really cool K2 Mountain range east of KSC as well as plenty of other cool new features. Eve's large scale terrain looks much better. Moho and the other planets got terrain passes as well. But Duna got the short end of the stick due to a 20% finished remake. It became the ugly lumpy ball of noise and buldginess that we now know it to be. It looks incredibly samey across the entire planet, and the heightmap is nearly unrecognizable from the original version. Every time I look at the current stock Duna I weep for the planet that once was. But now I shall cry tears of joy, for I have restored the beautiful 0.17-0.21 Duna that we used to know: Dowload: ...at GitHub ...at SpaceDock Installation Instructions: Install Kopernicus and Module Manager Put the DunaRestorationProject folder into GameData Features: Restoration of the appearance of Duna from 0.18-0.21. Increased sunlight intensity to approximate Pre-0.21's sun. If you don't want it, remove the config in GameData/DunaRestorationProject/KopernicusFiles/SunlightBuff.cfg Accurate heightmap, color map, and PQSMods and Material settings taken from KSP v0.19. Interesting small scale detail. A few flat low-lying maria. Whatever this is. Occasional sinkholes and craters. Vaguely heart shaped maria eerily predicts the Sputnik Planum on Pluto. Works only in 1.3.X or later. PM me if you want to use it for 1.2.X or earlier. License: CC BY-NC-SA
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