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Found 2 results

  1. I find myself looking at the tracking station list a lot to see what to do next. It would be nice if it there was some simple sort options. sort by: next maneuver date ( so I dont miss something important and can see what I need to schedule next) launch date (so I can find my old ships) type (ship / lander/ rovers / asteroids etc. name soi location ( so I can find quickly find my assets that are near Mun, Duna, etc. crew capacity (might be useful to see something like 1 of 3, or n/a, so you know you have space to rescue 2 more)
  2. Hello, I would really, really love a feature to sort flights/vessels in the tracking station. In the VAB/SPH you have loads of groups and even a customizable folder (favourits) to drop your parts in. For the Tracking station a simple Folder system would be awesome, even just one hierarchy would be awesome. At least the ability to sort flights by name. I'm aware of the fact that you can hide or show vessels by type (lander, base, station etc.) but I'm now approaching 50 active missions and I find myself wasting a lot of time searching for specific flights or the most recent one that is about to enter a sphere of influence etc. I tried my best to make an example picture of what I mean plz don't laugh at my awful GIMP-Skills: What do you guys think? Little explanation: I didnt' add a button to toggle the folder view or a button to add new folders but I hope you still get the idea. Could be a rightclick menu also. Below the dotted line would be the missions that are not assigned to any group/folder (whatever you wanna call it). Have a nice day everyone!
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