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Found 2 results

  1. Hey follow Kerbonauts Today i finished my most complicated project so far. An Imeprial Star Destroyer amd i thought i want to share it with you It really was a complicated project, since it is "Fully Space Flight Capable" and is launched from the Space Center. The full Launch system consists of around 800 Parts, the Star Destroyer itself of around 500 parts. The Structure is easy to get to Orbit with RCS and SAS activated during the early flight. It is lifted by 4 Main Boosters on the Side and 1 Little Booster down below the middle engine. It generates little over 1 G thrust at the Launch and the Star Destroyer itself can accelate with up to 50 m/s^2 in the Vakuum. The whole Launch System has enough DeltaV to bring the Star Destroyer into a stable Mun Orbit. If refueled (Dockingport at the front) interplanetary Flights shouldn't be a problem, The Center of Mass is a close to the Center of Thrust as i could put it. During Acceleration it is stable (when the tanks empty out, the Mass of the tower shifts the Center of Mass stronger and RCS is needed to keep the SD stable on long Burns.). The Shipm is stable in flight. No Parts wobble around or move much. The SD can carry 5 Kerbals, of which 1 is in a cupola (center of the bridge) and has a good view over the ship. More Kerbal Holding Parts can easily be attached infront of the engines. Unfortunatly, i couldn't build in the Service Bay the way i wanted so i just put in more Fuel Tanks instead. The Mods i used are: SpaceY - Lifters (+ModuleManager.2.7.4.dII), SpaceY - Expended, HabTech (Only the Cupola) ... (I use a scatterer in the following pictures too) I ued Mechjeb on the early Versions, but the latest One doesn't have it. If you have any constructive critisism, any ideas or thoughts on this, please be sure too leave a comment. Thank You Unfortunatly i didn't know where or how to uplaod the Craft file (i need some help with that) Here are some pictures (actually 9):
  2. It's not totally finished, there are still some details to work out, but it's a full-scale Star Destroyer made using TweakScale and Hangar Extender. I may add lasers and hangars in the future, and will probably add some hidden hover engines, but for now this giant will have to suffice. Even Hangar Extender wasn't big enough for the thing, so I had to edit the settings. Read the description on KerbalX for complete instructions and download. https://kerbalx.com/cubinator/Imperial-Star-Destroyer *cough* *cough* Enjoy.
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