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  1. Would you like to prove your ability to be the best at career mode? Would you like to earn an awesome badge as well? Then join the Stock Space Race Challenge! This challenge begins on November 14th, 2020, so make sure to sign up fast! To sign up, PM me with the following: Your account name, your faction and faction type (company, country, organization, etc.) name, and any extra info relating to your faction (optional). Each in-game week, an "Operations Summary" will be released by the players, detailing all of the mission progress in that time. The final goal: get as many points as possible. The challenge will end on December 31st, 2020. Please follow a historic-ish flight timeline (probes first to the destination, then Kerbals exploring it, then a permanent base for exploring the location). Rules: The following settings will adjusted made to a new career save: Kerbin time: On Revert Flights: Off Kerbal re-spawns: Off Re-entry heating: 120% Funds rewards: 110% Science rewards: 110% Funds penalties: 50% Science penalties: 50% Kerbal G-Force Limits: On Part G-Force Limits: On Part Temperature Limits: On Part Pressure Limits: On DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING ELSE The following rules are for functionality: No prior achievements that work for the challenge (before Nov. 14th) will be accepted. Pure Stock is defined as no mods except visual mods and DLCs. Must-have mods for extra realism (+10 points): TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time. If you don't have one of these mods, but intend to use mods, YOU WILL NOT BE FEATURED ON THE LEADERBOARD, but under a modded catogory! No cheats No K-Drives, etc. No finding loopholes in rules If two factions reach the same destination at the same (in-game)day, then whoever got there quicker (Hrs, mins, sec) If you break these rules, you will be removed from the leader-board. Pictures and videos are not needed to show proof, however, it is encouraged. Missions: Reach space: +5 pts Reach orbit: +10 pts Probe network (Kerbin): +15 pts Orbit the Mun/Minmus: +15 pts Land on the Mun/Minmus: +20 pts Mun/Minmus Return Mission: +25 pts Escape Kerbin's SOI: +20 pts Dock/Rendevous: +25 pts Asteroid Rendevous: +30 pts Orbit Duna: +45 pts Land on Duna: +50 pts Duna Return Mission: +60 pts Asteroid Redirect: +75 pts Jool flyby: +65 pts Jool orbit: +70 pts Jool 5: +100 pts Kerbol Grand Tour: 150 pts Kerbol Grand Tour (+ Kerbol Escape): +175 pts Kerbol Grand Tour (+Kerbin Return): +200 pts Largest/Smallest (Weight and Size) Spacecraft: + 10 pts, and +10 additional pts for every player you pass Largest Space Base/Station (Size): 15 pts, and +10 additional pts for every player you pass Note: a 25-point bonus will be added if you are the first to do something Note: If you have accomplished something before in the challenge, no points will be added. Current Factions: New Horizon Aerospace Division [NH Aero] (@NH04 's stock aerospace company) APEX Orbital (@Shinikitty 's modded organization) Kerbinational Aeronautics and Space Administration [KASA] (@AeroSky 's stock space program) Modded Leader-Board: APEX Orbital (Shinikitty)- 65 PTS Pure Stock Leader-Board: KASA (AeroSky)- 30 PTS NH Aero (NH04)- 5 PTS
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