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Found 2 results

  1. (Version: 0.2.3) - This mod is still a big work-in-progress Please post any balancing changes or bugs you find. It would help me a lot to improve this mod. About: This mod adds a unique FTL drive, called the Nexus Realm Explorer (NRE) Drive, which features two distinct modes. The drive is inspired by the Frame Shift Drive from Elite: Dangerous (yes, this is also a reference to NullReferenceException, these occured quite a lot during development) To use your NRE, you must first charge up the drive. The Charge Status is indicated by the progress bar on the top of your screen, which is shown when you start charging it. After that, you have two options: "Supercruise": Functions similar to an Alcubierre drive. Operates in speeds between 30 km/s and 2 c, only works in space and is affected by planet's gravity. Additionally, you can rendezvous with other vessels when in Supercruise (if you are within 300km of them). "Leaping": Allows you to jump to a celestial body (if it is massive enough), while expending a large amount of fuel. Media: Coming Soon™ Download/Source: Github Spacedock Now on CKAN Disclaimer: This is a continuation of a similar mod I stopped working on ~2 years ago. I finally got enough motivation to reboot it, and this new "Attempt" is much more polished, debugged and feature complete. That being said, the Mod is still not complete and still requires some balancing, it's own parts, FX and sounds. These will come in the near future. Credits: @Cyne for annoying motivating me to pick up this project again Changelog: License: All Rights Reserved
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