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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, Im trying to bind the engine-thrustlimit-slider to the SAS-Stabilization so that it will correct the thrust(aprox. range of 20-100%) according to the pitch of the SAS. But I dont know how I should do this or if its even possible at all. It will only allow userinputs when I bind it to the Pitch-actiongroup. However, I want to use it with the SAS-Automatic-Stabilization and not by userinput. P.S. Can somebody tell me what these Custom-Controll-Axis 1-4 are for? I really dont have a clue.
  2. Hi, I am currently modding the J404 Engine to fit it to my SU27 replica (might release as part mod eventually). I noticed something weird when I was editting the engine curves and trying them out ingame and this is true for Stock KSP engines aswell. The static thrust of the J404 is 130kN, @ Mach 2.5 it is supposed to be 219.5kN okay that is as advertised when you try it out. However when I look at the curves the thrustmultiplicator of the J404 at mach 2.5 is 3.5. 219/130 is a mere 1.8-ish of the thrust that the curve says. I thought the atmospheric curves play a role in this and might explain the vastly lower thrust, but nope even with a constant atmospheric curve the engine still is not producing the amount of thrust. What variable am I missing? What else is playing into the calculation of the thrust? I really don't want to make totally ridiculous thrust curves and have multiplicators like 6 or higher in there. (I hope this is the correct subforum to ask this)
  3. Hey guys, I knew there was a thread covering this already, but I'm unable to find it, so i ask here again. How do i do stock thrust curves? Thanks for any help!
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