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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEPRICATED - CVO NOW PACKAGED WITH LATEST VERSION OF RSS CONSTELLATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT IS THIS? Constellations Visual Overhaul (CVO) is a visual enhancement mod that greatly improves the visuals of my own planet/star pack, Constellations. Eventually, every planet will have there own cloud layers, as well as atmosphere layers to prettify the exoplanets added from Constellations. At this point, only terrestrial planets have cloud and atmosphere layers, but the gas and ice giants will get their own new coat of paint in the near future. SCREENSHOTS DEPENDENCIES UPCOMING FEATURES DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK CREDITS @pingopete who made our Solar System look so beautiful with RVE @NathanKell who expanded my knowledge of our own Solar System, and regularly left me in awe with Real Solar System @rbray89 and @Waz who created the baseline of all visual enhancements mods to follow with EVE @Phineas Freak who continued the beauty of RVE with his mod RSSVE Changelog License: BSD
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