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  1. Hey there ya'll! So I decided that since I like model making, it would be a fun idea to make a thread where you guys show off your work and we can discuss everything from tabletop wargaming to large-scale models. I'll start with a diorama I did the other day. I love Naval models, especially the Kriegsmarine from WWII, because of their gorgeous battleships, notably the Bismarck and Tirpitz. This was just a test of different things, and I used Semi-gloss paint because I didn't have any flat. The water is made from Toilet-paper and glue, and the ship models come from the game Axis And Allies. Smoke is made with cotton, and the "water" is painted with acrylic. Another shot of the diorama, this time showing the wake of both ships and the water in entirety. (Yes, the wake is too large, I know, it's just that I tried like 5 times to get it right.) The one on the right is the SMS Bismark, the one on the left is an unknown cruiser class. I'll just say it's the SMS Graf Spee and be done with it. I have also made a German aircraft carrier, the SMS Graf Zeppelin, and a few Panther tanks, but they wouldn't come in focus for a photo. I look forward to seeing your builds!
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