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engine heating affects

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I found that my engines are not heating up. None of them over heat or even glow. I deleted everything and re-installed KSP. Any ideas would be helpful.

Hmmm, strange bug. Any mods installed? I will say, for what it's worth I've seen an abnormally large amount of bugs for a KSP release. I think just about everything that could fail has failed for me, including my engine FX being blown up to size with the galaxy map. I'd ride it out until 1.0.1 and see if that fixes stuff up a bit personally. I didn't even want to post this answer because of recent threads etc but it's the truth of the matter.

Also have you tried the NERVA? I'd be surprised if that doesn't overheat. But no other engines of mine have gained any heat yet either from the looks of it but I also haven't dabbled with the NERVA yet.

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If anyone could help me out... My generation factor is set to .030. I have never touched anything in debug toolbar before. I set it to 1.0 and everything heated up like crazy. So my question is what is the Normal setting for Generation factor.

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