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Beriev Be-200ChS Goliath Seaplane

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@EVA_Reentry/Strangelove II asked me to release this craft file so I thought I would create a thread in here for it as I am actually rather fond of the creation.  It started with knocking out a few much smaller sea planes based around Mk1 and Mk2 components, but the Mk3 seaplane always evaded me until one day trawling the web I found the Beriev Be-200ChS amphibious plane and decided to have a crack.  OK so it's not exactly the same (pure stock) but I think it serves as a reasonable replica, and it is absolutely thoroughly functional in game.



The Beriev Be-200ChS Goliath features room for crew and 16 passengers, with ample fuel for long range flying.  The engines are mounted above and behind the wings to prevent massive water intake into the turbines, but also to prevent damage to the engines on landing.  As a result, and as long as you are careful, you can land the Beriev at atrociously high speed.  It's equally at home, however, gliding in and landing as softly as you like.  Forgot hitting the water and slamming to an immediate stop here too - the clever hull design makes for a landing as if you were on tarmac.  Once you've deployed the airbrakes (double as water brakes :) ) you can open the cargo bay and if required transfer fuel through the ballast tanks to flood the wet bay, allowing for use of the included personal water craft (Beware is liable to take off) which is very happy undocking and redocking to move to another location.  Once you've finished with the water craft simply re-dock, drain the ballast tanks and throttle up the Goliaths.  You'll soon hit your water takeoff speed of around 70m/s and cruise into the air when you pull back on the stick.  The landing gear also allows you to transfer from water to land and vice versa with ease.

Here's a gallery running through some stats:


All set up and ready to download on KerbalX - The action groups are already set up too so download it here and have some fun!



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Reminds me of a little plane i did some time ago (one of the first i put up on the forums).


It's also slightly based on the Beriev BE-200, tough i think it's a little over engineerd, but it works rather well and can carry boats made out of MK-2 parts, but it is quite a tight squeeze.

Anyway, looks to be a neat little plane overall. And i think the sideways cargo-bay is a nice touch, should use something like that myself.

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Hi Mullet.

Respect. I´ve tried to build one at least 4 times and failed 3 times miserably, so I got frustrated and just deleted those attempts. I think this design is quite difficult. Just one month ago I thought "hey, I´ve learned a lot more about planes, let´s try again" and finally succeeded.


I not really sure why, but this Kerberiev Be-200 flies perfectly, has good range, takes off from water like a charm aso. Maybe I got just lucky this time. :wink:

Your Idea with the sideways cargobay is really neat. Good job mate :)

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On 5/13/2016 at 2:55 AM, CrashTestDanny said:

Awesome looking SeaPlane!  Love the wet bay!


Thanks Danny, pleased with this one!

On 5/14/2016 at 1:58 PM, PointySideUp said:


I threw a BZT Speeder in the bay and took off for some islands.  Neat SeaPlane!


Haha awesome, your BZT Speeder looks way better than the afterthought I included in the download!

20 hours ago, kapteenipirk said:

should use something like that myself.

Absolutely go for it!  I put it in the craft aesthetics thread also

11 hours ago, KerrMü said:

Good job mate

Thanks same to you!  That's quite the dinky Beriev you have there :).  Luck for me comes into it, but also hours of tinkering.  My ratio of failed designs to workable ones is terrible, but when I hook into it I really produce the goods.


Think I forgot to mention in the thread that the plane has a rudder at the back.  The little bit that sticks out from the bottom of the tailplane you can enable it and bingo you can turn quickly on water :)



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