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  1. Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    Cracking challenge - OP updated and good luck SM
  2. Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    Cool, link here when you are up and running and I will edit the OP for you! SM
  3. Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    Hi there, There are a couple of challenges in a similar position currently in the Heritage OP, rest assured that I am aware of them and I have made contact out of courtesy with relevant people. I really have to give OP's of the challenge as well as notable contributors and unofficial admins a reasonable opportunity to respond before I list a challenge as available for reboot. I do not want to appear as or be seen to be acting arbitrarily in any way, or perceived as a moderator of others challenges. I've already discussed @5thHorseman's challenge with them directly, thanks for the suggestion though. SM
  4. Configuring joystick

    Hi there, AFBW was compiled to 1.2, but according to @taniwha seems to work in 1.3. Give it a go the DL is in the link if you click on the below post: Also looks like a new mod is being worked on: https://github.com/taniwha/AdvancedInput Hope that helps! SM
  5. Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    Hi there really sorry for the slow reply! I was looking at this one yesterday actually, and definitely think it deserves a place . I will update the OP. Cool let me know when you post a new OP and I will get it on the OP for you! SM
  6. Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    Sorry for the delay, I've been having a 1000 post break from the forum and game. I've updated the OP to display Eve Rocks as available for reboot. @ATEC do you want dibs on re-booting for 1.3, or are you all good to give it up for reboot? Thanks SM
  7. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    I've been saving my thousandth post for something, wasn't sure what. Responding to this moving personal story and professional update seems to be the right thing. Don't really have many words but stay safe, watch out for each other, and focus on the important things. Mexico is a beautiful place, and I'm sure it will come back more beautiful than ever. SM
  8. Mun STS 2-4 complete As normal totally stock and hand flown. Bit of a design constraint to stick within 7.5t landed on the Mun per flight, so I went small. The Shuttle is definitely going to need a hefty re-design to make Duna. Might even make a new one I'm not sure yet as this one seems capable if I can rejig it a little.... Mun STS 2: Mun STS 3: Mun STS 4: Mun EEV Return: Great new mission by the way I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more of the same! SM
  9. uhhhh

    Well this is a troubling development. There appears to be some moonlighting going on here: SM
  10. KSP Weekly: The Eclipse

    Talking of eclipses, they appear to be either fully on or fully off from a point of view of solar panels which I've only really just noticed. I had a case recently where I was interplanetary, in full view of a fully lit Kerbol, and electricity harvesting was at 0. It was only when I went to map view and the right click menu I discovered that Laythe was the offending body. There were no visual clues of an eclipse, and from a point of view of where I was, no way that Laythe would have provided full occlusion. Probably been discussed at length, but is it possible (or even worth it) to simulate the light curves a little more realistically in these, and perhaps other situations in the [Stock] KSP world? SM
  11. JoolTube: Spectra!

    I have huge respect for people that create mods like these that add so much to the base game. The cinematic is beautiful! Thanks to @Avera9eJoe and all who inspire or were inspired by you. Also - First SM
  12. SPACE SHUTTLES (Launch or SSTO)

    Annnnnnd back on topic: This is my current early stage build of an interplanetary shuttle. It's doing a few Mun missions to shake down before going into a partial re-design to ready it for extended Jool Operations: I've made absolutely heaps of shuttles though. Here are a few that I can remember: Here's a micro shuttle: Here's my copy of a JSC Shuttle IIc, with a fully functioning abort to space or abort from orbit cockpit ejection system: Rockwell C-1057 Breadbox Shuttle. Never worked properly: My Buran (my most successful shuttle to date: A nice midi sized Mk 2 Shuttle: Don't even know what I called this monster. Those windows are from the Mk1 crew cabins: Another Micro Shuttle: My dreamchaser (I call it the Screamchaser): As you can see I quite like building shuttles. It's definitely one of the more challenging things to do well! Sorry to turn your first page into a wall of pictures SM
  13. mini mun

    I'd definitely check out this challenge, which is pretty much what you are aiming at. Last post was in June, and last OP visit in July: If you are re-booting might be worth contacting the OP @Der Anfang out of courtesy to check if they consider the existing challenge thread to be dead. If you don't get a reply within a reasonable time period you are probably good to go. The premise is so ridiculous it's just the kind of thing us KSp'ers are likely to try, but only given a decent looking challenge thread with some sort of form to it. things you need to think about are: 1) Why no SRB use allowed? Seems like a perfectly reasonable rocket part to me. 2) How are you scoring this - You can have a smaller number of parts but a much heavier rocket. In my (but not everyone's) opinion the lighter rocket should score higher. Parts number isn't always the way to go as you just end up with 3 or 4 minimum part solutions and then the challenge is basically over, and some people really like over building. You might want to think about some scoring system. 3) Think about categories - Stock, Modded, stock only etc and create a couple of scoreboards 4) Added interest - Awards for doing remarkable things. Check out the current TOTM The K-Prize thread for an example of this done well 5) Presentation - Super important. A badly formatted challenge gives the impression you don't care and are likely to drop the challenge at a moments notice. Entries for this might take some time to create so people want to know that you are going to invest as much energy into the thread as they will. Good well thought out presentation always helps 6) Badge - Helps draw the crowds in Over all - It's a challenge that has previously proved rather popular. If you put a little energy into the OP you will likely see quite a lot of interest. In it's current form probably little to none, or 5 pages of questions and clarification requests (EDIT - My point made my Ninja ^^) Good luck! SM
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Haha, "You should have seen the first stage" That's probably the largest edifice ever to grace the screens of the Shuttle challenge! SM
  15. Haha yep, very early in development though, so I may have to "weak" your 50t down the line . How did you package that into the shuttle?! SM