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  1. Hi there! I haven't played KSP in well over a year. My last mission will certainly be familiar to @Death Engineering (Hi, good to see you!), but given I used to be quite the shuttle designer this challenge thread really peaked my interest, and drove me to press "Play KSP" once again after a long, long break. Here's my mission report thread with Lunex 1 and 2 completed: And a little teaser photo: I'll certainly be back, but don't be surprised if its in a few years time SM
  2. THE MULLETEX MISSIONS A MISSION REPORT THREAD FOR THE LUNEX CHALLENGE THREAD I haven't played KSP since August 2019. My last mission was an Elcano of Duna, along with a Von Braun of Duna and fly by return to Kerbin via Eve. Given I hadn't booted up KSP in anger in well over a year (and its been a rough year or two) I trawled the forums and happened across the Lunex Challenge thread. Its something very familiar to me as a one time (Self considered) Shuttle connoisseur and I thought it'd give me a nice easy route back into playing the game again that wouldn't put me off, a
  3. Necro No problems at all and a pleasure. Its up there with the best time I've ever had in KSP. I was dealing with a diagnoses of MS while I was doing this challenge last year, and it certainly helped me with relaxing, and focusing on something other than what was going on in my life, so thanks very much for the great challenge. Also - Take as many screenshots as you like for the challenge thread. It would be an honor SM
  4. It was completed in 1.7.0 Sorry for the massive delay. I've had a huge amount on with my RL including a large new job, and diagnoses of MS which has taken a lot to process and come to terms with. I'll try and find time to do another large mission soon I think. Stay safe! SM
  5. Great to see this challenge in its 6th iteration! Sorry I've been totally absent from the forums apart from a little foray in August 2019 to Von Braun and Elcano Duna, so essentially haven't been around since July 2018. I was diagnosed with MS last year and it took a lot of processing on top of a very busy career so I've missed out on a lot of looking, watching, and building and enjoying KSP in general. Keep building those shuttles, and stay safe everyone! I'm still around, and will eventually do another large mission SM
  6. WAAAAH I missed this until I was browsing through the thread and checking in. Seems like this might orient around base building as the missions progress. Count me in (at some point)! Also did I see that there is some sort of super mission planned?! SM
  7. Jeez you really are doing the DOMA here! Getting out and pushing is a Kerbal right of passage in my opinion. I once returned a capsule from Moho in a similar fashion. Good initiative! SM
  8. Go on, you know you want to Elcano. I've been on holiday and totally removed from the internet, which has been a joy. A joy also to come back to another update! Tasmania for anyone interested is a very nice place to get around. Didn't manage an Elcano though, just a little jaunt up the East Coast. I'm still torn between starting and waiting with a mission report. Waiting for KSP 2 is tempting, but reading this is great fun so keep us updated with all the latest from calamity central!! SM
  9. Really nice clean rocketry and mission reporting going on here. Pity about the ARA 2 disaster, but by the looks of your balance sheet you will bounce back! I haven't read your previous playthough, but by the sounds of it, this will turn out to be an exciting report thread. Looking forward to reading more as I begin to plan my own career report SM
  10. Hey don't sweat it. I just finished a challenge I originally signaled intent to complete in 2014 SM - Elcano's of any sort are not easy!!
  11. Well, this thread is nearly a year old, but OP still hangs out, and this is a Heritage Challenge, so the massive necro-post is entirely justified This mission has always been unfinished business for me. I originally signaled intent in October 2014 and started my first foray into one of Death's challenges,which are regarded as detailed, well thought out, and challenging. Fast forward to April 2015 and I'd melted my copy of KSP under the weight of mods and irretrievably broken my game, and my will to play KSP for some time afterwards. Here is my failed Dunaprojekt. Fa
  12. Hmm food for thought! Still, makes me realise I haven't even really explored Kerbin that much either. I don't think I've ever actually visited the poles or Keverest for example! I don't think so no - the challenge isn't 100% clear, however I read this line as rule that I had to capture the capsule directly from interplanetary. EEM with room for 6 to land on Kerbin from interplanetary transfer Honestly I thought the whole mission was lost at this stage. first off the capsule would just explode on contact with the upper atmosphere. then I figured out that at 6km/s the fair
  13. Stock props right? Presuming at this point you have the 2 DLC's. I do not but interested in a yes or no on whether they are worth it from your perspective... that's fair enough. I think they will need to figure out a way of the colonies being self sustaining (automated life support) so you don't have to check in on them and they will survive just fine doing their own thing, but then when you want to send a mission there (or get asked to through a contract), its more than just oh look there is that dead base I put there 6 in game years ago, and the same Kerbal is still standing outsi
  14. It runs out of hype (hard) about 2/3 of the way down the runway. Its not reflective of my level of hype for KSP 2 though, for that I'd have to create a hype train shuttle and visit Laythe for a Jool STS 1. Its a (very very loose) copy of a New South Wales C38 class Locomotive by the way so I guess let's name it the "Mullet Dyne C38 Class Hype-o-motive" if you wanted to change OP SM
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