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Does KSP refuse to minimise sometimes?


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Often during loading/changing scenes, KSP refuses to minimise when I press Alt + Tab and I have to wait and look at the hung screen until it's finished at which point it lets me Alt + Tab (which defeats the purpose because I wanted to Alt + Tab to avoid the wait). Is it the same for everyone or specific to me?

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Is it KSP or Windows (7 in my case) that is responsible? If I hold Alt + Tab then I can see other windows (with the Alt + Tab list of windows in the middle) but when I release, I got straight back to unresponsive KSP.

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Loading screens are the worst time to alt-tab though, because that's when the hard drive is being hammered hardest and most things loaded/unloaded...

If you don't have an SSD, look into getting one though. KSP, even modded, is much much faster from solid state than mechanical hard drive :) 

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