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[1.1.3]Copied Planetoid Mod [Kopernicus]


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I have went and created the Single Most Epic Mod Ever.

Ok, maybe you would believe it's an Absolutely Epic Mod?

A wonderful and useful Mod?

All right, I admit. It's a lame Kopernicus mod by someone who can't Kopernicus properly...   :)

For a while now, a few things in KSP's planet setup have bothered me. I usually use @CaptRobau's incredible Outer Planets Mod, so my KSP solar system is a fairly good match to the real one. Unfortunately, this illusion is most broken by-

  • Ike- It's huge mass is in no way a proper analogue to either Phobos or Demios.
  • No Asteroid Belt- All we have is Dres, and it is a sad and lonely space potato. It needs it's neighbors, and I just couldn't seem to find a mod that added them to my satisfaction

So I made this slightly less than ingenious mod, using Kopernicus,  to fix these problems. It adds a number of new bodies to the Kerbal system, almost all of which are clones of Gilly. After due consideration, I decided that some of you might actually enjoy playing around with it, and so I uploaded it.

The new planetoids are as follows:

Duna System-



Providing a Kerbal analogue to Demios, Tafy has low gravity, a grey-brownish texture- and has been accused of being a Gilly imitation.


In Ike's original orbit, this analogue of Phobos has low gravity, a grey-brownish texture- and has no similarity to Gilly. None. Whatsoever.  All right, it's literally a copy of Gilly.



Asteroid Belt-


1 Dres-

I can take no credit for this planet. I just thought it would be clever to stick a "1" in front of the name, creating a consistent naming scheme for the entire belt, and reminding people *cough*myself*cough* who kept getting confused about which planet was an analogue of which asteroid.

4 Ike-

Named after the supposed moon of Duna, 4 Ike seems to be the one honest planet in this part of space.  It is the closest asteroid to Kerbin, and should be one of the easiest to get to.

Yep, I just flung Ike out into Vesta's orbit, and stuck a "4" in front of the name.

2 Blorg-

A remarkably large asteroid, 2 Blorg wanders the space near Dres, trying to look friendly. We don't think it actually is.

It's actually another Gilly copy, and I think everyone knows where the name originated :) I actually knocked the inclination down a bit from the real 2 Pallas, but it's still really, really tricky to get to. Seriously. I dare you to land a probe there.

10 Splork-

A remarkably small asteroid, 10 Splork is one of the primary reasons the space near Dres is Not to be Trusted.

It's another Gilly copy, stuck into an orbit that's an analogue to 10 Hygiea.



This mod requires Thomas P.'s Kopernicus mod, which can be found here:Kopernicus




Published the mod.



Copied Planet Mod by AlbertKermin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
I encourage you to make modifications to the content included in this mod and release it as your own, on the condition that I am credited where appropriate and I am linked to the fork.
If for any reason I am inactive in this thread for a period of more than two months, the mod can be considered up for adoption and may be maintained by anyone who is willing. I reserve the right to resume independent development of the mod when/if I return.


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On 10/16/2016 at 3:11 PM, Captain Planet said:

This is a really cool idea. In the future it would be awesome to see all the Gilly copies differentiated, even if only slightly.

Yes, yes it would. And If I could manage to create a properly custom planet in Kopernicus without making a complete hash of it, I would.


On 10/16/2016 at 5:36 PM, GregroxMun said:

psst... here, have this config that I made. Customize the asteroids as needed, and all I ask in return is you give me credit for the config. PM me if you need help with getting it to work.

I messed around with that config SO many times, and it is a really great idea, but as far as I can tell it runs the procedural generation code every time the game loads?

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