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  1. Good idea, immediately felt that the new engines were off when building replica Saturns.
  2. Removing Eeloo.cfg from OPM\KopernicusConfigs\SarnusMoons should do the trick.
  3. Is there a version suitable for 1.4? I tried it out and some of it is working. But the ScaledSpace texture update button doesn't work for example.
  4. Hey @Galileo I updated the Spacedock, Curseforge and forum thread to include a link at the top that redirects them to this thread.
  5. First off a happy New Year to all of you! I will drop by gamedev.net Great project. I'll link to it in the OP of this thread, so people are directed to it and not the outdated versions of me. That would be great! Glad I could help you get started.
  6. Hello old friends, I’ve been gone far too long, but I couldn’t leave the community like this; so here’s a big post with an update about me and OPM. The community Just to get it out of the way, I do feel like I left you people out in the cold. My silent exit from the community was a result of me getting burned out on KSP, feeling guilty about not stopping by the forums anymore and getting rusty with the modding tools. The KSP community deserves much more than that, so I finally decided to write this and get the ball rolling on how to preserve and continue OPM. More on that in t
  7. where is your discord tag

  8. Hi, everyone. I had less time than anticipated these past few weekends, so I didn't get to finish and test the update. I'm going away on holiday for two weeks, and since some stuff was at least done I didn't want to leave you guys empty handed. Via the download link below you can download this alpha. https://mega.nz/#!pexWzarR!6MgmsD1sSuHfpRhBqMzZBtar3yn3BO8ekdBVSzqJtpk Please note that it's not tested like a normal release (although I'm quite sure the most of it works).
  9. Ah yes. Still have to do this too. This combined with my previous TODO will be what I'll be working on next weekend.
  10. Hi everyone, Sorry for disappearing off the face of the planet like that. Been really busy with a game of my own. It's not far enough to show off, but I can tell you it's not space-related à la KSP. This has taken up all my time. But I figured OPM needed a last big update to work out all the kinks. After that it should be much less daunting for me to keep it updated. I have two questions for you guys: Did anything in general happen to KSP, Kopernicus, etc. that's worth knowing for me? I know that there's an expansion coming, but other than that I've been pretty out of the loop.
  11. Thanks. I remember now. I've made so many changes to this mod over the months, it's hard to keep track.
  12. I don't know of anything that OPM adds that would do that. Nor can I find any mention of experience changes as described in the changelogs of update 1.2 or above. Its rotation around its axis is reversed. Not the rotation around the Sun. Do you see it now? Don't like any more generic tiny moons than necessary. IMO Plock-Charon is already plenty unique and interesting as is. Thanks for taking the time to suggest something, that's always a good thing.
  13. it's inverted in the same way that the image is. DDS is always saved flipped vertically. What I don't get is why it would happen to just OPM, as it uses the DDS format just like stock KSP does. Could you use it for a stock body too?
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