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Placing save game folder on server / NAS

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Hi everyone!

I have two computers on distinct locations in my house with an identical setup on mods for each KSP installation. Now I would like to share at least one save game between these two computers, So I copied one of the save games onto my NAS and placed a link in the local KSP folder. But KSP does not treat the link as a folder or doesn't follow its path,

Does anybody have a clue ob how to setup KSP to read & write on a NAS?

(I am running Window 10 / 64 bit and use a Synology NAS)

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Because KSP saved games are essentially text files,you can try to use GIT to keep them versioned and and synchronized between your computers. You only need to remember to do  commits and pushs every time you switch computers. It works in teory, but i never tested this.

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