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New design! B-29 & XF-85!


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Hello friends!


I'm happy to present you my latest design! The B-29 Superfortress with surprise inside, the XF-85 Goblin! A parasite deployable aircraft from the cargo bay! It took me a long time to get the correct modifications and good configurations of many files, but I finally did it! Of course, there are many things to improve, so suggestions and more are welcome!

I also have to say that this would not have been possible without the help of @ TheKurgan, @winged, @JadeOfMaar and other people who helped me with some mods, thank you very much guys! Deddicated to all of you!


 Thanks to all, I hope you like it!

If you like it you can download it at  https://kerbalx.com/Kerbalyst/B-29-Superfortress--XF-85-Goblin <-------------More images here


More Crafts!


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10 hours ago, SkunkTwerks said:

@BaronRodri Having once made a pure stock "Wobblin' Goblin" of my own a while back, I salute you for going the extra miles to put it in the B-29. I don't have the mods installed to test it, but it looks great!

Thanks so much friend, i took so long to find the appropriate mods for do that, at first hinges didn't work correctly i had to download many mod patches so finally it worked.

Also goblin has a different design than my other original design, https://kerbalx.com/Kerbalyst/XF-85-Goblin that doesn't have folding wings and no hook.

I had to change some things so it can decouple, fly, and finally get back to b-29.

Thanks again friend, i'm very happy to see your comment =)


I just see your crafts, they looks very cool with these futuristic designs, good job!

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You did an excellent job of it! This was the best I could do in stock KSP a while back:



No folding wings, pretty crude in comparison to your craft. But it is a very curious and amusing plane, and was a lot of fun to try to build! I'm glad you had fun creating one of history's more ridiculous planes.

Have you managed a successful re-docking of your XF-85 with the B-29? According to this article, "Two main reasons contributed to the cancellation. The XF-85's deficiencies revealed in flight testing included a lackluster performance in relation to contemporary jet fighters, and the high demands on pilot skill experienced during docking revealed a critical shortcoming that was never fully corrected."

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