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KSP Enhanced Edition patch 6 is live!


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Hello everyone!

A new patch for Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition and the History and Parts Pack is live!

This patch contains many bug fixes and improvements for both the base game and the History and Parts Pack, including various performance upgrades, the introduction of a toggle launch sites option in the Tracking Station, among many other things!

If you want to continue helping us out by providing us with feedback and bug-reports, you can do so through our Bugtracker.

Check out this patch's Changelog for further details:

========================= KSP Enhanced Edition Patch 6 =======================

*Fixed leaks while changing scenes
*Updated terrain shaders
*Rebaked VAB/SPH illumination
*Improved performance in VAB/SPH
*Improved performance for scrolling in Apps
*Improved performance in staging related code
*Added Toggle launch sites option in Tracking Station

*Fix an issue allowing pause menu to be brought up multiple times in the Tracking Station.
*Fix user losing control of a Kerbal when exiting to EVA after transmitting data from the Mystery Goo container.
*Fix surface and orbit speed text displayed incorrectly in IVA.
*Fix several categories and filters icons appearing blurred in the VAB/SPH.
*Fix named categories displaying as “Unknown” when hovering over them with the cursor within the Editor.
*Fix selection resetting when attempting to add the last option of a part action to Action Group while in a cursor mode within the Editor.
*Fix Material error message when placing or removing a node during flight.
*Fix selection tool gets stuck after highlighting the FL-T400 Fuel Tank inside the VAB.
*Fix subcategories missing from Advanced Mode within Editor.
*Fix subcategory icons listed three times in Advanced Mode within Editor.
*Fix ground parts' Part Action Window contain placeholder text when viewing them in gameplay.
*Fix error generated when changing Kerbals suits in the Astronaut Complex after
entering through the Launchpad.
*Fix Fuel Tank Adapters with the Black and White variant have texture seams and
inconsistent shaders when viewed during gameplay.
*Fix error generated when selecting "Save and Quit" in the Mission Failure menu.
*Fix stats in the UI on Play Missions does not update when progressing through
Missions during gameplay.
*Fix error generated when selecting a subassembly with the "Simplified" preset in
the VAB.
*Fix fuel only transfers to one tank when multiple PAWs are open at the same time
during flight.
*Fix Duna shader  has a pink/orange color 
*Fix error generated when using RCS thrusters after reverting flight in various
game modes.
*Fix error generated when switching between vessels in Orbit when RCS is enabled during gameplay.
*Fix error generated when the user enters the Tracking Station in Science and Career mode.
*Fix error generated when opening the Subassemblies when a vessel is saved in any game mode.
*Fix The Sun appears dim without additional light rays when viewing it during gameplay.
*Improved stability when playing in Sandbox or Scenarios.
*Fix title fatally crashes after soaking and ending a scenario in the training tutorials.
*Fix the launch pad remains destroyed when the user repairs it and launches a vessel from the VAB in all game modes.
*Fix biomes do not display specific names when viewing them in the R&D building in Career and Science modes.
*Fix the shadows and lighting effects are corrupt when viewing the level 1 and 2 VAB and SPH during gameplay.
*Fix the stacking stages lose functionality after adjusting the staging stack upward before a launch at the Kerbal Space Center.
*Fix the controls app is unable to be scrolled down when using a cursor in flight mode.
*Improved performance when placing parts with higher symmetry in the VAB/SPH.
*Fix the game can automatically select a craft immediately when entering the Launch New Vessel menu.
*Improved performance when progressing through the Asteroid Redirect Mission, Pt 2 Training tutorial.
*Fix mountain texture issues when viewing mountain areas without snow texture on Kerbin.
*Fix an incorrect Mission tooltip appears when using the Recover Vessel option within the altimeter during flight.
*Fix the Abort Action Group is unable to be accessed when using Simplified controls when a vessel is in motion during flight mode.
*Fix the incorrect part becomes rooted when using the Re-Root tool in the VAB/SPH.
*Fix the User can open the pause menu again in the Controls menu in the Tracking Station and lose functionality during gameplay.
*Fix sections of grass appear completely black when viewing the KSC in gameplay.
*Fix errors are generated when recovering various parts in flight during gameplay.
*Fix error is generated when reverting the "Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3" structural adapter in gameplay.
*Fix error is generated when the user Reverts their flight in any game mode.
*Fix buildings are unable to be accessed when launching a vessel or returning to the KSC through the Pause Menu while the flag selection menu is open in the Editor.
*Fix the user is unable to return to flight mode after entering Map View during gameplay.
*Fix the user loses all part functionality when re-entering the VAB/SPH after exiting to the KSC screen using the pause menu while the Change Flag menu is open during gameplay.
*Fix the Map Mode does not open when holding the correct button in flight.
*Fix Editor-specific module fields are missing in the parts Part Action Window in the Editor

---History and Parts Pack---
*Fix a shader issue in the “new” badge in the main menu.
*Fix players cannot return to the VAB using the Missions App in the "Simplified"
*Removed debug text present when viewing an experienced crew member in the Astronaut Complex after assembling a spacecraft in the VAB during a mission
*Fix error generated when selecting "Choose Launch Site" after adding DLC
entitlements on PS4.
*Fix error generated when completing "Release Mystery Goo" objective in "To the Mun Via Minmus" mission.
*Fix missing upper-right region highlight when using Simplified to change regions in
*Fix title crashes when creating an anti-normal predicted trajectory with a maneuver
node in "Munar 1."
*Fix error generated when switching crafts in Missions.
*Fix error generated when loading into Soy-Ooze 10 Part 1 during the Sally-Hut 1 Mission.
*Fix error generated when completing the "Release Mystery Goo" objective in the "To the Mun Via Minmus" mission.
*Improved stability when playing in Missions.
*Fix landing and fly-through targets are not visible when viewing them in Flight mode.
*Fix the Launch site icons will disappear when the user toggles different icons in
the tracking station or in the map during flight in any game mode.
*Fix Acapello does not explode when loading a quicksave in the "Acapello 13" mission.
*Fix the mission does not trigger completion after reverting the flight then landing anywhere on Kerbin during the Meet Me In Zero G Mission.
*Fix the Agena vessel will not explode after a quicksave is loaded during the Meet Me in Zero G mission.
*Fix Mun launch site buildings are not present when creating a new Sandbox game
after having a previous Career or Science save with the Mun launch site still locked during
*Fix probe controlled vessels and communication relays fail to have connectivity when launching in gameplay and in Missions.
*Fix user will lose functionality when exiting to the Main Menu in Missions when manipulating the Missions tab in Simplified Mode.
*Fix error is generated when reverting the mission back to the Vessel Spawn during the Sally Hut 1 mission.
*Fix vessels cannot be recovered when landed on the Mun Launch Site in gameplay.

Thank you and happy launchings!

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