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I need help and I don't know where else to put this


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I got an awesome new gaming laptop to play KSP with, but it has poor battery life. So, I went and bought a new Maxoak 50000mAh power bank to use with it. It was going fine until it kept shutting itself off while I played KSP. If I wanted to play KSP, I'd have to lower my rig's GPU to low power mode, or else it would trip the power bank.

I looked at what happens whenever I did this, and apparently the battery rapidly alternates between being charged and not being charged while on higher performance modes. It would be stable, but the Maxoak is programmed to automatically shut itself off if it's not charging something. This makes it totally unusable.  I went to Reddit with this, and I've had no luck. Does anyone here know how to fix/workaround this?

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Rummaging around it's known issue, and unpublished behavior.

You may have to easter egg the power settings on your laptop windows or brand specific battery utilities to find the right combination. The only other option I can think of is not recommended and will void the warranty.

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Easter-egging: n. to change components and/or settings of a device at random in the hopes of resolving a problem.  verb form easter-egg.
ex. - I don't know how she fix the terminal. It looked like she was easter-egging it.
- No. She's a wizard, and really groks the deep magic on the gear.

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