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  1. Magnetorquers are an off the shelf part for cubesats, and even available for much bigger birds. Unfortunately, the work only around bodies with decent magnetic field.
  2. I'd imagine that omniscience would be very challenging to write. An omniscient being or culture would encounter no challenges, no surprises, no twists, nothing new to discover or experience. How do you write a story with such a culture without boring your reader to tears?
  3. When I was buying my first ebook readed back in 2010 I made a conscious decision to avoid Kindle. Last year when I was buying my most recent one, I made the same decision. My reasoning? Well I figured I wouldn't have control over anything I put on Kindle, taking into account that Amazon demonstrated the ability and willingness to remotely deleted peoples ebooks. To make things worse in the most ironic way possible, it the deleted book was Orwell's 1984.
  4. Something like antimatter? Also, hydrogen is about then times more energy dense than uranium.
  5. I moved thirteen years ago and yesterday I threw out some stuff that was still in the moving boxes, unopened all this time.
  6. I introduced a friend to Factorio. At first he was hesitant, but I managed to convince him to give it a go. So I set up a multiplayer game to give him a crash course and we start with "See that big rock over there? Go punch it some. Got some rocks and coal? Cool. We'll need some more. See this blue stuff? That iron. Hold your mouse button on it until you collect some. Got some? Yeah, me too. Let's not do much more of that and make a machine do it for us. Open the inventory and put this thing here. That's a mine. Put some coal in the little box and see... it's doing its thing. Place another one on that black patch, we'll need coal." So, he's fumbling with that while I collect a bit more of the resources and start placing about three or four more mines on the iron patch when he asks me why am I placing so many iron mines when we already have like two. Dude now has like 3000 hours in the game.
  7. The worst example of the countdown I've seen must be in the Absolute Zero movie (both name and rating). It's counting down to Earth's magnetic pole flip, which will lead to global temperatures plummeting to, as the name would imply, 0 K.
  8. I would presume, if not IRL, certainly if Sci Fi, evolution would have taken care of that. Whatever lifeform evolved in the environment would be well equipped to deal with that environment.
  9. Wouldn't a simple mirror be more efficient?
  10. Not saying that this is ever going to achieve that much, but the record is Mach 8,5 for rocket sled. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/139307/test-sets-world-land-speed-record/
  11. Another Boeing / Spirit whistleblower dies. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/whistleblower-josh-dean-of-boeing-supplier-spirit-aerosystems-has-died/
  12. 0,6M I presume is 0,6 Mach, but I'd expect m/s to be the expected unit, which gives us 24,75, so we're at least in the ballpark. Also, he just might have borked the math.
  13. Ahh... the dreaded seven engine approach.
  14. Air breathing engines have vastly superior ISP than rocket engines, so why not use some of that? Turbofan/jet to get up to speed, then ram/scramjet to punch upwards out of the atmo, then your vacuum engine.
  15. To be fair, tape is still number one choice for data archiving. That being said, archiving != usage. That tape is being constantly used. It is amazing that it didn't fall apart from purely mechanical manipulation.
  16. Are the accuracy and precision in stationary situation good enough to consistently hit the target? Can you consider the time of flight negligible? If the projectile takes a fraction of a second to cover the distance and you robot is not moving all that quickly, just ignore the movement, point the shooter in the general direction of your target, spray and pray. Or are you lobbing your projectiles in high and slow arcs?
  17. Just do whatever this book tells you not to. https://www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/dp/0870334336
  18. Given the ability, you would opt to squirt high speed jets of hypergolics at your face rather than carry a lighter in your pocket?
  19. How often do you find yourself in need of lighting a fire in everyday life, where such ability would be desirable?
  20. Specifications CREW 2-5 UPMASS up to 2,270 kg DOWNMASS up to 4,540 kg PAYLOAD BAY DIMENSIONS LENGTH 5.2 m WIDTH 3.8 m (fwd) 5.6 m (aft) HEIGHT 2.7 m (fwd) 4.0 m (aft) VOLUME ~93 m3 *SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE Yeah, $5 they'll change. Anyway, 90 on demand capability, but "Deliver anything under 2270 kg anywhere on Earth in under an hour".
  21. IPS matrix LCDs have almost 180 ° viewing angle. Is that not enough?
  22. According to Wikipedia article on Alcubierre drive: So, even with the 99% efficient solar panels (max theoretical efficiency is not that high), your Moon sized solar panel is still about one entire galaxy of energy output short of providing enough energy for one ship.
  23. When dealing with fission, neutron management is the name of the game. This is achieved by usage of different materials to absorb, reflect, moderate, propagate etc. the neutron to achieve the desired effect. Also, geometry is a big factor so by properly designing the reactor, and supplying the correct amount of fission fuel, in the correct geometry with correct combination of support materials you can achieve the desired result. In case of NSWR, this specific combination is achieved only for a relatively small amount of fuel/propellant in a specific part of the engine that is designed to withstand these energies.
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