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Waterfall plumes have been offset down, so some engines have glitched plumes

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Hi all,

Recently I have been having problems with specific engines on Waterfall. It's quite hard to explain... here's a screenshot (bit hard to see) https://imgur.com/a/k8p6XrO

Mod list:


[x] Science!



Astronomers Visual Pack

B9 Part Switch

Better Time Warp

CactEye Space Telescopes 2: Refocused

Distant Object Enhancement

Environmental Visual Enhancements [EVE]

Eskandare Heavy Industries


Kraken Science

Kronal Vessel Viewer

Modular Flight Integrator

MSP-3000 Material Science Pod

Persistent Thrust




Scatterer Atmosphere Cache


Space Tux Library


Stock Waterfall Effects


Zero Mini AVC

Module Manager 

Module Manager Config Cache


All mods are the latest version the last time I checked. I have not touched the files, they were all installed by CKAN.

.log file:  https://we.tl/t-Ijgh4FBFYC

Any help would be appreciated. 

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ReStock Changes the stock models and replaces them with it's new models[in this case the engines], which means that Stock Waterfall Effects will likely have some problems since it's designed to add it's effects based on the stock models, not on the ReStock new models.

I suggest you to download this mod. It adds waterfall effects for the new models of ReStock.

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