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  1. I'm still lurking around here, except that i have little motivation to be active. Just saw @Admiral Fluffy return , i wonder if he will reply next.
  2. 6684 New page... after nearly 2 years... of me not having one. Or well, i don't know if it's true or not, might have claimed one previously.
  3. It has become quite apparent that the majority of the forum games users who posted on this page(except for one guy) do not accuse the cheaters with exclamation mark at the right side of the "cheater" word. This undoubtedly indicates that y'all are cheaters!
  4. A misspell on the hill! Nubking Hill. Yet some of the poor hill habitants who are sick and tired for whatever they had to go through for nearly 12 years think this is Noob King hill, or Nuking Hill.
  5. 3 days and no answer. @kspbutitscursed?
  6. Jeb saw my attempt to make a model in Blender.
  7. VI, VI, IV, IX. or 6649, in case you just can't. (hopefully not)
  8. Kind of? idk. TUBM can watch the total solar eclipse! I can't.
  9. When you start to feel the hidden Null Reference Exceptions on your back.
  10. Dengue got me a few weeks ago, though i'm not sure if that's what you mea- wait... Melontime?!?!?!?!/1 @Souptime oh god no i can't get rid of this stopid font. noooooooooooo!!121eq erwe gmsorry
  11. SpaceX Starship should replace every single rocket that either exists or are on development.
  12. Just wait, order's coming from literally everywhere i can't even with timing! Barbie or Waiter, Queue. What is your real name, the first or the latter, and on regards of my soup, why is there smoke coming out of it?
  13. He did it! I have not even a single bit related to his summoning! Anyways, @AstroWolfie?
  14. It's a terrible Boring movie with a plot that makes you sleep for the rest of the film. Eventually forgetting whatever you saw a few hours ago. "What if" is what if not?
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