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  1. I really hope for a Linux support for KSP 2. I guess what really matters is whether KSP 2 will be mostly entertainment, or the next leap in aerospace technology. I always remember this XKCD: And then I realize that this cartoon is several years old already. And then I start to wonder how many of SpaceX's and other space start-ups played KSP to really understand some basics of rocketry. I wouldn't be surprised if that number is high. If KSP 2 wants to have a similar effect on the world, Linux support is mandatory. Among technology developers, Linux scores a much higher market share.
  2. Improvements to the presentation I actually always play with KER installed, which gives a lot of metrics of your craft while looking at the craft. I only use the map view when fiddling with maneuver nodes. So, not really sharing your point of view (pun intended?). RCS and reaction wheel balancing I share the idea by @asap1 to put a slider onto that idea, allowing us to tweak it. Also, default should (IMHO) be the current setting, which I prefer. Real spacecraft carefully save their precious RCS fuel. They only turn if absolutely necessary, and a lot of thought goes into minimizing the maneuvers in space. Also, because it's the real stuff, they can make tiny corrections and hardly ever overshoot a maneuver. They use computers to carefully measure their rotations (i.e. the ISS rotates once per orbit, so that the same side always faces Earth), which we cannot ever hope to achieve with the manual input. In contrast, in gameplay, I will happily warp forward which freezes the spacecraft in a position (stopping any careful rotation). I also have thick sausage fingers so if I have to rotate the craft I either press the wrong button or press it too long. And if I want to do some space walks or docking maneuvers, I will rotate the (both) craft(s) to use the sunlight to see what I am doing. In summary, I am very wasteful with RCS fuel compared to the real deal. And that gets compensated by overpowered reaction wheels. Probes before manned I think that a slight adjustment in the abilities of the probes is all that is needed. The Stayputnik is really useless. Some SAS (stability assist) in the early game is simply necessary if you want to go anywhere. I don't know how early real spacecraft stabilized in flight (rotate along axis?), but we need a little help.
  3. Double Ringed Exploration Station (DRES)
  4. Sometimes I have to add unnecessary features to the ship to make the acronym fit. Sometimes it's a little meaningless, I admit. DOPE: Dres Orbital Probe Explorer MORE IS LESS: Minmus Orbital Relay Explorer and Integrated Ship with Lander with Embedded Surface System MOB BOSS: Minmus Orbital Base for Basic Observations of Stuff on the Surface Playing the Galileo planet pack a while back: GOAT: Grannus Orbital Antenna Tech GRASS: Gratian Relay And Surface Scanner TGIF: Tellumo Ground-level Investigation Flight
  5. I agree that flags serve a purpose. In addition to what @IvanSanchez said above, they are necessary for the mandatory Photograph-of-Kerbals-posing-next-to-the-Flag-in-front-of-the-Lander. I would not mind if they have a mass and take inventory space (please make the mass very low, e.g. 0.5 kg). But, please have the flag in the inventory by default. I already forget to check my staging, add parachutes, landing legs, etc. I don't want to go on a mission to plant a flag on XX and then realize I forgot the flag once I made a successful landing. Btw, also agree that devs probably have higher priority things to do.
  6. I'd like that. I'm one of those players who never uses part-clipping, but sometimes it would be very useful to do so. I wonder how easy it is to code? You could just add it to the settings, toggle on/off.
  7. I will wait for KSP 4. I remember from Civilization that #4 is the best.
  8. I know. But there are a couple of reasons why I go into Sandbox anyway: Mistakes are easy to make, and it wouldn't be the first time that I overwrite an important save. (I play KSP after a busy day, when I am already tired). I usually need (quick)saves while in cheat-mode, like when testing an Eve landing and return - you really want to save after landing successfully. At least in older versions of KSP, loading saves would become slower and slower as you get more save files. I try to not have an endless number of save files. I admit that it's just a matter of preference. You can totally do this in the career mode too, if you pay attention.
  9. That alone is reason to go there. It was also my #1 choice for this thread. Jool-rise on Laythe.
  10. No, there isn't any simulator. In career/science mode, you gotta save-cheat-reload. It would be a nice addition: A simulation center. In order to avoid overwriting important saves, I prefer to open a new sandbox game, design my craft and cheat a whole lot, then copy the craft into the career game folder. My Sandbox is then the "simulation".
  11. Isn't that just the French spelling for it? Don't the French play Kerbale Espace Programme?
  12. I very much support! This seems easy to implement and a big improvement for the player who lost his Kerbal in the 100+ seat space-station.
  13. Nice flags! They look a bit like mine. I always use this one (with some black top and bottom cut off). I made it myself in GIMP with a little cutting and pasting and some editing. Sol Omnibus Lucet means The Sun shines on everyone (and between the lines, you can read that the Sun makes no distinction).
  14. Note that you can fast-forward (time warp) a few days (e.g. 4-6 days) to get a complete new set of contract proposals. Typically, if you are waiting for a transfer window to another planet, you can do a lot of such time warps. I usually create multi-contract missions to the other planets. Only the special missions (e.g. Eve landing, Jool-5) are without contract. Those are difficult enough without having to do something special.
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