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Any tips on the new inventory system?

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Having just returned to KSP, I find that stock game now comes with an inventory system. I have played with Persistence on/off and this system is causing a bit of a headache. With persistence on, I have an unlimited supply of parts with me and with persistence off, it's anyone's guess what they bring with them to the launch pad and into the capsule. They tend to be fond of parachutes...


Any way to have this system at least partially persistent so that the inventory doesn't change between building and launching, and between launching, reverting and relaunching? Any other way of dealing with it? (I am waiting for KIS to catch up).

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Thank you so much! I completely forgot about the community fix despite using it before. Testing it now and it seems it has sorted out the issues I had. A bit more testing to be done but it's looking good.

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