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59 minutes ago, pandaman said:

My 'gut feeling' on the N body debate is that it would likely cause far more problems, and apparent 'bugs', that are actually a result of it working properly than it may seem.

If Patched Conics works well, and predicably and reliably, and is good enough for NASA to plan things, then I don't  see any real advantage of changing it.

Sure, Lagrange points etc would be a nice feature, but not at the expense of other potentially gameplay wrecking behaviour or increased computational load.

PEople jus tneed to stop with the asa use patched connics"They do NOT use it. THeir mission planner is open source and  you can download and compile. It uses N-Body (you can select  what bodies to use in the computation as obviously Pluto is not relevant for a mission to Mars.

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