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Adjustable Landing Gear Length

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I'd like to make a request for adjustable landing gear length. This is needed because the attitude of the aircraft as it sits on the runway can impact takeoff and landing. A tall nose gear will increase angle of attack, making takeoff easier. A short nose gear will produce negative angle of attack and can assist with landing. Additionally, I find that many of my designs end up with the landing gear being attached at different heights relative to the ground, and they typically need some adjustment to get the correct idle position for the plane.

Perhaps we can also have active landing gear that can be adjusted on the runway or in flight as an advanced tech tree item later on. The benefit of such a part would be to allow the takeoff and landing benefits simultaneously that I mentioned. Active landing gear that can change height on demand may also be useful for loading and unloading cargo, and other tasks.

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I agree in principle. An example of this is the F-5E, which has the capability to extend to increase AOA on take off - and the venerable F-4s of the Royal Navy, whose nose wheels could extend so much they actually looked like they'd break under acceleration.

And not just plane landing gear - rocket/lander landing gear could also use a slider to shorten/lengthen, or at the very least landing struts/gear in fairings for XS-M sizes - particularly for the S/M sizes.

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