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  1. big supersonic plane with a cargo bay, drop the lander can out with paracutes
  2. I definitely agree with the off-center and cramped feel. This needs to be fixed. I'm worried this will fall into the big pool of little things KSP1 does better that KSP2 might never get.
  3. I agree on the need to reduce the whitespace in the navball (and moving it closer to the screen edge), it feels huge right now. Also whitespace in the PAM
  4. for the huge stuff perhaps we could be allowed to control our regular engines with the RCS controls
  5. I reiterate that the way KSP1 handled the maneuver node editing (in later versions) was great, it allowed a quick and rough editing, and precise numerical values, all without having to be able to see the physical node.
  6. the trajectories mod for ksp1 was able to give a rough estimate, and you could tell it what you planned to do
  7. Having 2 different modes, secant and tangent, would be nice. Tangent is what we currently have, and it is best suited to long burns where the new (amazing) full trajectory simulation is useful. Not really possible to "split" a burn around the maneuver when the burn involves several SOI transitions, lol. Secant would be the new default, where it automatically offsets the maneuver start backward while keeping the pro/retro/normal/radial frame of refrence the same as the initial point. This would result in what we used to do in KSP1.
  8. Another issue I have with it is it's unnecessarily huge
  9. Yeah, the actual calculation of the path is really nice but they left out the one important thing. Time matters little, what actually matters is remaining delta-v. They should really count down the delta-v readout as required. If I use the maneuver node controller or micro engineer mod to display remaining delta-v and go off of that, my burns are quite precise.
  10. Another disadvantage of the PM is you can't have multiple parts open simultaneously. (well you can but only if they're next to each other in the PM list)
  11. and I hope it's actually simulated, not like in 1 where you get to a polar orbit and click a button and it's instant.
  12. Yeah, a good specific example is the fact that you unlock 2.5m tanks, engines, and pods quite a bit before you get a viable set of support parts to make a lander with it (an engine plate). the Poodle is just too big but you need an engine plate to do what you actually need for a lander: 1-2 Terriers.
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