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having more symmetry options enable new things. 5x symmetry is my favorite modded symmetry from KSP 1.

now you as a reader probably think: who would ever want 5x symmetry and why.

the answer is: me

and here comes the why:
my first argument for 5x symmetry is redundancy when designing a lander how many legs should it have?
well at least 3 because the center of mass needs to be within the triangle formed by the legs.
4 legs is not the best option (sorry Apollo) if any one leg fail the craft is unstable and it will fall over.
5 legs will allow for any single leg to fail and still be upright, and up to two legs could fail as long as they are not next to each other. 

but for me personally the main reason is to be able to build crafts like this.   

now how does 5x symmetry stand out from the rest?
5x symmetry allows construction of tesselating structures in 3d space (balls)
one great example are the platonic solids, most of the fun ones require 5x symmetry.
the one in the image is a Icosahedron that was twisted a bit. note that every node has 5 arms.

there will probably be a mod for this, but to simplify craft sharing of designs like this it would be nice if everyone could download and play with them.

as a spoiler i will add pictures of other designs that use the same symmetry.








imagine these kind of designs with the KSP 2 color scheme.

adding more symmetries would not be harmfull.
7x could probably be cool for making heptagrams or something.

it would be a very smal addition to the game to add this and it would probably go unnoticed by many, but it would make my day!  


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I also found additional symmetry options useful when placing propeller blades in KSP1.  10X, 12X, 24X..  It was possible to trick the game into doing that, but it was a bit tricky.

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