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The Kerbol Space Program


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This is just gonna document my missions in a new save I will call "Kerbol Space Program". No story, just me documenting missions. So far I havent started anything yet, so I'll begin that soon. Anyways, I hope this doesnt flunk.


This is also modded, but really just to add some stuff like better graphics, some more parts, and better IVA.:D

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Alright. Second mission. Same goal as the last one, but it doesn't explode, and I also added wings to the craft to make it more stable.

I'll post the full album link.. here! https://imgur.com/a/g8Zkmsn . Also, below is the rocket I used to launch jeb into a high orbit. So I guess you can remake this?

I don't know but, this is the second mission done and complete.

Nothing went wrong, and we got research stuff to build better rockets. (yes, I know I am playing in sandbox, but I like to pretend and have this natural "progression" thing


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