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Prompt to board a pod displays before in range


Bug Report

Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: Orbital Survey, Maneuver Node Controller, Science Arkive, Flight Plan, Commnet, and those that are required for these mods. | Can replicate without mods? Yes 
OS: Windows 11 | CPU: i7 12700H 12th Gen | GPU: Geforce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop | RAM16GB


I landed on Tylo and got out of the vessel, went off and came back, now I can't get back into the lander. The menu says press F when near the ladder or the ladder rungs, and B to board if I manage to get near the hatch but neither of them work and now I can't get back inside.


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Changed title to better reflect nature of the bug
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I changed the title a bit, from my testing with your craft it seems you simply made the bottom ladder too low (this is why the most critical part of any vehicle testing is the ladder phase, especially going to a place like Tylo), however the prompts showing before the pod can actually be interacted with is actually a bug.

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