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High Gravity Challenge!

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IMPORTANT!: If you wish to go to any destination other than orbit, use the SigmaDimensions mod, as the debug menu gravity multiplier does not change the orbital characteristics of the other planets and moons, making a rendezvous with them nearly impossible (or completely impossible interplanetary)

So this is something that has been done before (Namely Scott Manley's old 5G challenge), but I want to take it a step further. As some of you may know, I have a series on my channel where I go to different places with 5x Gravity, my current hardest mission being Tylo. To spur interest, I wanted to pose the challenge to others, but with some more accessible goals.


Below are some levels for this challenge. Any multiplier may be used, but these serve as examples for possible challenges. The square of gravity will act as a multiplier for the point value, and a table of points for the different destinations will be given below. Missions including a return will receive double the points.*

  • 2x Gravity. This is quite easy to do even with a large payload, and should help you familiarize yourself with the requisite techniques for high G ascents.
  • 3.5x Gravity. By this stage most of the basic rocket building techniques are becoming unviable for orbit, however you still wont need any special tricks to make orbit... yet
  • 5x Gravity. This is my personal favorite. It is the perfect mix of challenge of engineering and compatibility with stock parts. Using tricks such as node occlusion will be helpful, but are still unnecessary.
  • 7.5x Gravity. By this point, getting off the ground is a struggle. Exploiting the Aerodynamic model and mild part clipping will make this significantly easier.
  • 10x Gravity. The ultimate challenge. To my knowledge even just making orbit has only been done with a Kerbal by one person: myself.

*For example, putting a Kerbal on the Mun with 5x gravity will have a multiplier of *25, but if you bring them home the multiplier will be *50.

Point Values for each Destination. If multiple destinations are traveled to, sum the points before multiplying.


Additionally, if a mission has multiple launches from Kerbin, each additional launch from the first will count as another point.


1. All Missions Must have a Kerbal

2. Cheats such as Infinite Fuel, No Drag, No Heat, etc. are disallowed

3. Unorthodox techniques should be disclosed or obvious to the viewer, such as part clipping, magic wings, etc.

4. Missions are limited to stock parts and DLC (controlling a craft with only a MechJeb is disallowed)

5. No Kraken drives


Attached is a link to a google sheet with a leaderboard of the best High G missions. It will include multiple submissions per person, and will be expanded as more missions are added.


For the sake of visibility, the top 3 missions (by person) will be displayed here:

                                                                                                                            1st Place 2nd Place

3rd Place

Challenger JedoesStuff Julian Danzer



Tylo, Pol, Minmus and Back

5x Gravity

Orbit and Back

6.5x Gravity

Orbit and Back

5x Gravity

Points 2040 84.5


Link https://youtu.be/Mx1pnIJ4VCA?si=a7Ng4Thht2pRMN0D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIbgnB4JDqQ



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On 3/21/2024 at 6:45 PM, JeDoesStuff said:

2. Cheats such as Infinite Fuel, No Drag, No Heat, etc. are disallowed

3. Unorthodox techniques should be disclosed or obvious to the viewer, such as part clipping, magic wings, etc.

Do kraken drives count towards 2. or 3. ?

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23 hours ago, Nazalassa said:

Do kraken drives count towards 2. or 3. ?

I probably should've specified those, I forgot about them. Those are disallowed as they trivialize KSP: I'll be adding that to the rules once I can 

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