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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Hello! Since the last thread for screenshots is gone due to the revert, lets make this one our current screenshots. Please make galleries for a large quantity of screenshots so they don't clog up the page and make screenshots take longer to load!

Here are some rules layed out in the old thread (because Skunky tells it best!):

F1 takes screenshots in game.

Only post pictures in spoiler tags if they are over 1920x1080. (This is an exception to the rules and approved by the staff) This is a screenshot thread so a 56k warning is a given.

Uploading your pictures first to an online host like imgur, photobucket, etc is preferred.

Try to take screens at the maximum resolution you can run KSP at.

F2 allows you to hide the HUD. Some(but not all) pictures like environment shots look better without it.

In .14 the middle mouse button will allow you to pitch and yaw on the camera's axis instead of the central point

Chronological montages from cool missions are welcome!

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Thank you for the approval, Ted. I wasn't sure if it was needed, but I jumped at the chance for a big thread like such, haha.

Here is my Mun Base Alpha! Ran by Commander Bobbald Kerman, the base currently holds two kerbals. Sadly, the custom lunar buggy had an issue with its wheels, and suffered critical damage in a crash over rough terrain. A new Lunar base is in its concept stage and will we built with second-hand ancient Soviet parts that the kerbals found in a bunker somewhere in what they don't know as Russia.


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My Mobile Missile Launcher! Achieves speeds of 21.7 m/s. Inside there is an srb with a probe (I added an sas module later to it). The missile will reach 47,000 meters launching straight up. Also the Humvee type car has two of the little LV-1 (ant) engines on its back to look like exhaust ports :)



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I have been pretty busy while the forums were down. here is Malton Kerman, hero to all Kerbalkind, posing on the Mun after a very satisfying mission.


Here he is again, this time on Minmus. this was also a first for me and I was excited that Malton once again got the honor of "first". you can also see the Mun and Kerbin in the background.


Another shot, just before Malton excited his trusty lander


Here are two unknown Kerbalnaughts (really wish I had recorded their names) finally capturing success in the Venus program. the Venus program concentrated on docking and various docking procedures. these two brave Kerbalnaughts successfully performed the first orbital rendezvous, first orbital docking, first transfer of resources between craft, first tandem EVA and the first crew transfer. here you can see them on EVA in the process of swapping craft for the deorbit.


this small probe was supposed to land on Eve, however I screwed up the encounter and decided that instead of waiting around for another chance I would repurpose the probe for something else. that something else was a Sun dive.


this plane is something I am very proud of. not only does it look cool (imo) and fly great, it achieved probably my greatest accomplishment in the game: circumnavigation of Kerbin. all legit, only used part clipping.


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Ahhh, for as long as i've been visiting this forum the spoilers have been disabled due to a worm of some sort so I had never seen them when they worked.

Here's a test image from my Kerbin Station Project 'KSP Plague' since it looks like a biohazard symbol.


I'm using KSPX, HOME and a few other mods. This has a max crew capacity of 30 with enough fuel and monoprop to refuel most outbound trips all by itself.

Not sure if this worked or not preview post only shows the url text not the picture. I'm using dropbox and this is my first shared image. Advice is welcome

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Here's a picture of the Nimbus, my 55-ton Kethane-based reusable lander.


This picture was from a test landing on Minmus. Since then, I've taken the Nimbus on a Grand Tour; in one trip, it's landed on every planet and moon except for Jool, Eve, and Moho. (Gilly, Tylo, Duna, and Laythe were just painful for various reasons, everything else was trivial.) I'll be landing on Eve this weekend, once I attach a special bolt-on booster stage to the big docking port at the base, at which point it's off to Moho before returning to KSC. I'll post a full mission report once Jeb is safely back home; elapsed mission time is currently at about 5500 days, so by the time he gets home it'll be time for Jeb Jr. to take over the family business (i.e., exploding).

While it hasn't accomplished nearly as much, I'd also like to include a picture of my favorite SSTO spaceplane, the Sleazy Weasel.


The "wing" is a thick lifting body, and it comes with a couple "afterburner" rocket engines to make it much easier to get to orbit. Once Jeb gets back, I'll have him fly it to Laythe; it's got nearly twice the range of my previous spaceplanes, due to being about 50% heavier (24 tons), and the excess weight is all fuel. I've flown it to Mun and Minmus already with plenty of fuel to spare, and it handles beautifully in-atmosphere, too, so Laythe shouldn't be a problem.

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Alright, here's another try using imgur.


Here's a segment of the 'KSP Plague' with a crew capacity of 30 and enough fuel and monoprop for most small missions. The plan is to have 3 of these hooked up to a central fuel core.

Finally.. Got imgur to work.

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Jeb not understanding what a safe distance is during weapons testing:


Made it into a looping GIF :D


Also, we appear to have a problem...


And no, it's not the big ship crashing into Kerbin– that's expected. The problem is the solar panel impaled on the engine structure.


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Well I have been playing around with the utility called Partgen2.0 and this is my single stage rocket :) - as you can see it made it to orbit with fuel to spare LOL

It is a 50,000 litre tank with a JOOL V main engine, and to get it off the ground I had to use 3x10,000 litre tanks with KW Rocketry Griffon XX engines on the side of it.


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