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"Vessel Name Bug"; Editor crash.

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Hello! Today I spent about 6 hours on a craft, a car really. I was nearing completion of it, when all of a sudden, I get what I have dubbed as the "Vessel Name Bug".

The parts catalog won't load, the mission flag changes to some weird kerbal, the stage won't show, none of the buttons besides exit work, when I hit launch it says "Craft size not found!", and lastly it doesn't load the name, rather it says "Vessel Name". It seems to be happening in both 64-bit and 32-bit.


Here's the log: LOG

and here's the craft file if needed(it's really big so I doubt anyone will look at it): CRAFT

I'm not entirely sure what mod is causing this, but it's so strange. The craft appears to be normal(Aside from one time loading the craft everything that went flat similar to how my craft bended on my last launch), it just won't let me edit it or use it. If someone could help me out, that'd be awesome. I really don't want to have to build it again.


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Well, no thanks to the non-existent support team, I figured out the problem.

The tweakscaled modules seem to have duplicated themselves as far as I can tell(which is 90% of the craft, so it's going to take a while to fix it), it's fixable(hopefully). I'll edit this post if it has worked.

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Worst bug in the game. It broke 2 installs of ksp, one stock and one modded, and forced me to reinstall. Yet everyone responds to crash reports that are obvious. Almost nobody tries to help with the hard stuff.

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The problem with this one is that there seems to be no solution to it. I had this problem too and can't find where the problem might be.

There's two more recent threads for this problem in the stock support section, too.

Edit: Even though your craft will most likely be doomed, you can still hit the new craft button twice to fix the VAB. At least for me, every other craft loads fine.

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