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  1. Good Heavens, are you sure you used enough Girders?
  2. This should have been in the Gameplay questions section. In career mode you have to upgrade your buildings to unlock new abilities. To be able to use Maneuver Nodes you need to upgrade your Tracking Station.
  3. As @Streetwind said, design something that is usefull for you. In your early career you don't have very powerfull antennas, so if you put your relays in KEO your probes in LKO might not reach them unless they carry powerfull or plentifull antennas.
  4. You can also change the difficulty settings of a running game. One of the fund related sliders will affect the building upgrade prices too. (I don't remember for sure which one, probably Fund Penalty.)
  5. The question mark shows you anomalies (Eastereggs and stuff like that). I am not aware of an anomaly on the crawlway, but your picture shows your are not quite there yet (it could be the black obelisk that is visible just north of the KSC).
  6. Nice job. Thanks for doing this. I didn't know forum posts are not limited in size on this board. There is nothing wrong with liking @Cunjo Carl's post.
  7. Doesn't seem to be true, or has a threshold before it kicks in. Only 8 out of 32 Kerbals I currently have are scientists and my current rescue missions are for 1 pilot and 2 engineers.
  8. Yes for extending the arms (could maybe be done with tweakables).
  9. As long as you can generate power (solar panel) you can always send science. All you have to do is to uncheck "Require complete" (or something like that) in the antenna settings. The antenna will then pause transmitting until enough power is available again and then automatically continue sending. Be carefull not to do that with probes that you need to control during that time as this will empty your batteries and turn off your probe until the science is sent.
  10. It is one of the top threads in the Gameplay -> Tutorial subforum: It can also be found in the ksp wiki and by googleing for "ksp dv map"
  11. Sorting of lists. I want to sort (and filter) all kinds of lists in KSP. Sort (and filter) vessel list in tracking station by: Name, MET, time to next Maneuver node, SOI, Type Sort (and filter) Kerbal list in Astronaut building by: Name, Profession, XP, Rank, Vessel they are on, MET (last two for the assigned tab). Sort (and filter) Part list (in VAB / SPH) by: Name, price, weight In general I want more sorting (and a bit more filtering) in all lists in KSP. Please.
  12. Just wanted to add that those formulas are actually in the wiki: (the formula may look difficult if you have no mathematic background)
  13. I made some more experiments regarding the "Always Show Closest Approach for Target" setting. It appears to only affect approachs to targets that are planets/moons. My previous test where with targeting other vessels, where I could not find a difference between this setting ON or OFF. The guide is now updated. I really am bad at formating forum posts and I fear it wouldn't fit in one post, so it would need to be splitted, which might make formating more complicated. On the other hand spliting it will make linking to different sections possible. If you want to do that work, feel free to do it.
  14. I did indeed. Thanks for point that out. (Should be fixed now.)
  15. The option you are looking for is named "Show Space Center Crew". More settings are explained here: