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  1. Thanks bewing, your answer put me on the right track to discover the behaviour of the first option. Turns out that with this option OFF you neither see vessel labels nor brackets for other vessels if you are in physics range of them. If it is ON then you see brackets and the distance and if you hover your mouse over them you get the name too. I haven't been able to trigger the wrong vessel warnig in any way yet. So for now I assume this option is pointless.
  2. I am currently going through all the settings KSP has and try to learn what they do. (Picture of the settings screen I am talking about in this post): There are a few that I can't figure out: Show Vessel Labels - I don't know what labels this should turn off when disabled. I can only think of the labels shown in map view when hovering the mouse over a ship, but those appear no matter the state of this option. What labels does this option control? Show Wrong Vessel Type on Launch Confirmation - I never have seen a message asking me to confirm to launch a wrong vessel. How would the game decide if a vessel is the wrong vessel I am launching? In what situations would I get such message.
  3. 2.b. Time value of money. [...] This also means 20$ years ago is worth more than 20$ now. That is why those early adopters earned their free DLC. The idea of a season pass is still something to think about.
  4. I don't remember when exactly I bought KSP or how much I paid. I guess it was pre 0.23 and I paid less than 20$ thanks to some sales offer or something. I really enjoy the game even so I still see some parts that could be improved but overall I always ask myself, did I pay enough? For a while I tried to come up with a good way to pay Squad more for this game. Buy another copy and gift it to a friend? Buy merchandies stuff? Now that the DLC is around, I will probably spent money on that one, even so I am not really interested in it's content. Just to say thanks to Squad.
  5. While I can understand your problem with the key not locking the brake state, I also want the easy short time brake pulses while holding the key. I see the current setup more like a car, where the key is the brake peddal and the buttonclick is the parking brake. What we actually need is not to change the behaviour of the current braking key, but to add a second braking key that toggles the parking brake.
  6. Not really a bad bug so I just put it here: The values for science points are rounded differently depending on where they are shown. Toolbar at top shows a value which is rounded up while the total at the bottom of the Mission Summary is rounded down.
  7. I don't even start it, when I just play KSP, unless I'm looking for KSP updates. EDIT: And just to add, I only had one crash since 1.1
  8. I like the idea of setting him a monument in game and a permanent easter egg like that could do this job better than naming an update after him.
  9. I think of gamemodes other than "career mode with quicksafe and revert disabled" as not challenging enough, but because everything is so difficult this way, I never got a Kerbal out of Kerbin SOI and I just stop playing until the next update brings my attention back to the game.
  10. To all posters in front of me: Calling people cheaters without pointing out the non-cheating way to do what you accused them of is cheating. The correct way would be, to let people know how they could have done, what they did, without cheating. (See rule below.)
  11. Tourists don't show up in the missing category in the astronaut complex, I know that from own experience Also the contract fails, but you can get some money out of it if you return other tourists safely from the same contract that where already underway.
  12. It can also help you to keep track which of your rockets is working towards which contract.
  13. And with "manually" you mean with the mouse? It seems I really have to play around with the settings a bit more.
  14. That is exactly what I meant. Flying up to a pod with a south facing door is not easy this way, because if I touch RCS he will turn and bump his head into the door (and often bounce off) instead of belly/arms first and be able to grab onto it. As there are some ways to work around this to some degree this is just a nuisance and not a game stopper. I just wanted to ask the devs if there is as technical reason to it.