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  1. The republic of [insert name here] didn't like kfc and" accidentaly" dropped a bomb on it. Then claimed the hill. Hill of The republic of [insert name here]
  2. Danny comes by, no hill
  3. I have also dug a canal 15km from the hill and placed Graff Zeppelin, Bismarck and tirpiz, scharnhorst and Gneisenau to destroy all defences on the hill. My dual railway line +gustav +canal with ships
  4. I shoot with the "schwere gustav" at the hill to see penetration of the shells and accidentally ablitarate your bunker. Hill with a hole. My dual railway track.
  5. Incoming! With air support (Su-25's and Su-34's) and half Speznas army! The Russian army rolls over the hill and establishes a FOB! My hill!
  6. I call for murican air support. And carpet bomb the living sh*t out of the hills. Apparently Abram's tanks are to fat drive through the mud and craters after murican carpet bombing. so I fail to occupy. No one's hill.
  7. I Bomb the Defences on the hill with 5 TU-95 (with 1.5ton guided bombs) and parachute a bunker on the hill. My hill
  8. P 47 With razorback???
  9. I think tons because the standard weight for bullets is either 10.xxe-6<-grams or 1.xxxe-5 (tetryds uses this one, i have no clue why) Edit: another sensible measurement would be kg 1.xxxe-3
  10. @Red Iron Crown Now Good?
  11. so i basically need to add the license in spacedock to this post right? or do.i need to add source code which my mod does not have cuz just parts.
  12. What do you mean? What do you mean by sniped?
  13. Hello There! The mod uses BDarmory And Firespitter Plugins. This is the temporary or not thread for my mod, because the forum derped. I know that there is aviators arsenal who has the same weapons as me, yes thats true but his weapons are just little pods sticking out of the wing , i wanted to have the full weapons so you don't put guns into tiny wings and see that guns are larger(or smaller when you think. I was not trying to make the models to accurate becouse a) this is the first time me modeling absolutely anything. b) it's KSP. Download From <snip> Download From <snip> Weapons list: License You can Click da like button if you want to
  14. banned for reeason of ban also afeckts youself
  15. Banned for having exactly 100 posts