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  1. Today is the last day I am uploading a scribble before at least two weeks, so what could represent my beloved aircraft with spacecraft... The X-15 of course!
  2. Too busy to make a real concept and flight, so I choose to build a new launcher. It finally appears to be a good choice as I was lacking a nice looking light one. Enters the Alliance-2.1v (well Soyuz being Union it's the closest I found) : Far from being a good Soyuz 2.1v replica but you know... stock. To imitate the NK-33 and the RD-0110R a Reliant and four Thud are powering the whole launcher. The second stage got four Thud again for the RD-0124 and a Terrier for the upper Volga stage (it's way too big and powerful to imitate it). The first stage gives a good kick at launch, far from being impressive but more than enough. After just more than a minute the 1st stage nearly is empty, the speed being at 900 m/s, the altitude at 20 km. With four Thud for just some tons to kick the power as to be limited to 60% or the acceleration is rising to 9g... Fairing and second stage jettisoned. Enter the last one wich will finish to rise the Ap at 500 km. I just love this view. Circularization completed. The upper stage still got some resources available... but is not needed anymore. Mission ended. Such an ugly satellite. No really. Of course 23797 for just 1 ton to 500 km is expensive, but I like it, it's hard to explain. I will probably dedicate to it my first 1.3 career's Moho light probe.
  3. The first post was for the same reason I created the account : to thanks CaptRobau for its Outer Planets Mods under 1.0.2.
  4. Well after aircraft and spacecraft... why not roadcraft?! The Corolla WRC drove by Didier Auriol during the 2002 rally championship.
  5. Thanks, it was actually much more easier to make these parts flying away than any other effects. It's more than a possibility indeed, I will re-work over it once I will have enough time to buy different type of pens. NSEP already gives me a good list of them but I still haven't invested in them.
  6. Thanks NISS', but the problem to me is it's too "soggy", I should not have pass the black over the Earth. It was to give an effect of night. Here is a scan just before I made the mistake : EDIT : I went back to the aircraft to relax a bit after this Unnecessary to present this legend.
  7. Finally decided to finish the Apollo-Soyuz one : I am so disappointed by it
  8. I didn't have many time lately to draw a bit and will probably have even less after Sunday (the time to recover from the operation). So I tried to make some bases today I will complete easily after : Apollo-Soyuz And... Salyut 1 and the ill-fated Soyuz 11
  9. The rover Triviality made its inaugural flight : Under the thrust of the powerful first stage the whole launcher rise promptly. First stage separation at 24 km and 1200 m/s, everything OK. The second stage place the Ap to 500 km and still got enough fuel to ensure the circularization, but as the flight consist in a simple leap I jettisoned it, immediately followed by the third stage and the fairing. Some maneuvers while in space the test the whole system controls. Each inputs reacted perfectly. Separation of the rover breaking stage which should gives enough punch to circularize around Eve then ensure a final breaking impulse to de-orbit close of the atmosphere. Ciao to the solar panels. The breaking stage is leaving is own plasma tail while being lower than us. Everything is still going well. Still no problem with the heat. The whole system should survive the Eve's atmosphere. Well... I should have lowered a bit the fairing ejection force as it disappeared immediately. The system still was stable at this time and decelerated not too hardly. Heat shield dropped and all chutes opened, descending velocity of 7 m/s. The most stressful moment as the inclination of the landing site was far more important than what I expected... and the CoM of the system is high with this fuel tank. Arg! The rover nearly flip due to the upper tank, but hopefully by ejecting it nearly at the same moment the wheel touch the surface limited the problems. For just a bit of fun a tried to accelerate the rover to its breaking speed... 34.2 m/s. Just some points to refine and it will be ready for its flight to the purple ball.
  10. Just get some minutes free today to build a small and new rover destined to Eve. The last time I went to the purple ball with a rover was in 1.0.5 and it was a partial failure... So here enter Triviality : Hopefully the Eve Express com-sat already arrived some days ago and was placed on a polar orbit. This will give an interesting area to explore with this little 8x8 bug. Three braking chutes coupled to a main parachute plus 4 Twitch engines for a soft landing. 2 Sepratron will throw away the whole section just at the time the wheels touched the surface. The choice of the launcher was difficult... so many possibilities were available. Elektron-K was costing less and Short Step 7 would have been more performing for more money, so Dawn-3SLB finally was selected. Tomorrow morning will be the "moment of truth" with a simple test flight consisting of a jump to 500 km with a return at high speed in Kerbin atmosphere. Another occasion to test the whole system.
  11. The best fighter never existed. It's a story of harmony between the machine and the Human at the controls. Aircraft are like the others machines, nearly everybody with enough formation could control them but only some have the "thing", making them better than most of the others while flying. Now if it's about our favorite one, it's hard to take a decision... but I would go for the Grumman F-14s. Since I've seen one of them for real on the JFK deck at 4 years old she stayed in my heart. This size, this mass... and these lines. I never seen an aircraft who gives me again this impression of power mixed with elegance, beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
  12. Wow... thanks for the link I was not aware of this. This looks more than probable, if we look at what they made to the Nimrods and with what they replace them... personally I couldn't resist to laugh a bit when I read the RC-135 they will receive were as old as the Nimrods, with the only difference of being unable to refuel (a great sigh of despair just after). I'm betting that many peoples in the whole EU will applaud this new measure, a bit like when they congratulated PM Cameron for having created new posts in the Royal Navy... after having deleted three times the number just some time before.
  13. The last week I was passing some time in my friend's house in Sarasota but due to the heavy rain their pool was about to overflow, so I pumped out the water and just follow the flow all its way, to make sure it will not run to the neighbors garden, then at one moment I just stopped, like this, I don't know why but I stopped and raised my head to see her, right in front of my nose ! I can't identified her precisely. I also got this little (and fat) friend some days ago while walking back to my car : It was far from being afraid of me... Camouflage. My bored daily companion.
  14. Poyekhali!
  15. For sure, but I'm lacking of imagination. I was about to make Vostok 2 firstly instead of Mercury-Atlas 7. The next probably will be Vostok 6 or 5... or Apollo-Soyuz, or Salyut 1 or... no I should stop here. Damn... that's more than nice for MS Paint! I was using it as a kid for terrible imaginary aircraft or later to make caricatures of my teachers.