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  1. I made some new ones during the week. 17 January 1991, Iraq : Operation Desert Storm just has been initiated. Splitting the air in the darkness a Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk from the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing of the U.S Air Force is dropping one of its laser guided-bomb over Baghdad's strategic targets while the Iraqi anti-air defense is lightening the sky of tracers and projectors.The raid, initially seen as a total success, was later decreed as a partial failure.But the fact that the Nighthawks were able to enter and escape from Baghdad, then one of the most well defended city in the world, without any loss was, is and will stay a great achievement in the aviation and military histories. 3rd June 1973, France : the Tupolev Tu-144S Charger is taking-off from Paris Le Bourget in the howling of its Kuznetsov NK-144A engines. Fighting for the Supersonic transport first place against the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde during this 1973 airshow the crew tried to push the aircraft to its known limits while the team of Tupolev bureau deactivated the securities of the onboard computer to let the crew realized their maneuvers. After having realized an impressive take-off and a low altitude passage over the field the crew re-engaged the afterburner to climb at full thrust. The aircraft later initiated a steep dive and while the crew tried to recover the aerodynamic and dynamic forces broke the right wing, making the aircraft spinning to its back where the forces destroyed its fuselage in thee main parts which finally crashed on the small town of Goussainville. The crew of six and eight others peoples were killed in the tragedy. This accident marked the death of the Tu-144 program which was already seriously threatened by its opponents within the Soviet airplane industry. The crash site now got a stone placed along one of the town main road and which can be approached. And my favorite of the week : An Air France Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation is climbing out from Paris Le Bourget airport in a stormy night from one of the multiple daily flights to New York Idlewild airport (now JFK) in 1956.F-BGNJ enter in service with AF in 1953 and was immediately reservede to some of the most glorious destinations of the time, Buenos Aires, NYC or Delhi. As all of the airline's Super Constellation "November Juliett" originally was a L-1049C then was modernized as a L-1049G in 1956, at this occasion she also received a red "Super-G" paint on her fuselage and tail.She kept on flying for Air France for nearly 14 years until the 8 August 1967 after 24 284 hours of flight then is sold to Air Fret.She is re-registered as F-BRAD in 1968 and is used for medical evacuation in the short lived Republic of Biafra (a secessionist state of Nigeria) and in others conflict places. "Alfa Delta" finally came back to France in 1974 when she landed for the last time at Nantes Atlantique airport.She just escaped to her dismantling when Mr. Gaborit bought her for a little sum in order to make peoples visit her at the parking of the airport. She now was totally renovated, repainted to the colors of Air France with her original registration and still can be visited at Nantes.
  2. Never raise the white flag. I got depressions too, four in 25 years of existence with a first at 10... and am doomed by a health problem which was officially supposed to ground me. But I just rise my finger to some of the medics and blinded administrative workers and finished by becoming a pilot. Of course I never get anything more bigger than a Cessna Caravan in my hands for now but I will keep on fighting, just to realize my dream and to live in my passion.
  3. I remember one of my uncle who worked at the CNES then the ESA from the 70's to this year got an important number of different launches recordings. He is the one who gives me a part of passion as a kid with his cassettes at a time of the ESA was not diffusing its different flights to the public. I just got Ariane 1 flight number 3 and an Ariane 44L from the end of the 90's in a box at the family house and he got all the rest. Whoaaa, Trinitite. I don't know what I would give to come to this Historical site and grab an example of it.
  4. "Face Bank" made in Japan :
  5. Interesting topic! I got some rarities due to my dad who was a diver in the French Navy then in the National Gendarmerie, he got the occasion to recover a cryptographic rotor machine on a sunk ship of the U.S Navy out of the coast of Normandy. It's in a perfect state and is working. A lot of onboard lanterns too and many other things I can't remember now. But what I got the most interest of has been found by my grandfather who, also in the Gendarmerie, was sent on the 3 June 1973 at Goussainvile to the crash site of the Tupolev Tu-144S. It's something with Turkish 981 he never talked us about... but he kept an ashtray of the Soviet supersonic airliners : I placed it just over the pedestal of the model. This one was placed inside a seat armrest of the first class. Impressively it was not too damaged by the impact or the fire.
  6. I used gifs.com for months now and was not disappointed. The last time was for "Galli the Alligator" and "Tai Chi" profil pic :
  7. It's not my case and I could not believe I'm alone. I was about to start to scratch a MBT, probably a Challenger or a Chieftain but your Iowa makes me want to realize a battleship instead... The last days I decide to jump back to the past in aviation and the forgotten conflicts : A Republic P-47D Thunderbolt of the Força Aérea Brasileira diving while firing its rockets to the German positions in Italy. A Blackburn Buccaneer S.50 from the 24 Squadron of the South African Air Force is firing one of its Matra AS.30 wire-guided missiles to a position of the South West Africa People's Organization guerilleros during the 80's. A Fiat G.91R/4 Gina from the 702 Squadron Escorpioes (Scorpions) of the Força Aérea Portuguese attacking a vehicles convoy of the Frente de Libertação de Mozambique (Mozambique Liberation Front) during the Mozambican War of Independence in 68. A Shenyang J-8IIF Finback-B of the People's Liberation Army Air Force climbing at full thrust for an interception. I got the envy to make it after having reread the famous citation given to Napoleon I "Laissez donc la Chine dormir, car lorsque la Chine s'éveillera le monde entier tremblera" ("Let China sleep, for when she wakes up she will shake the world").
  8. Thank you for such a compliment Indeed the practice really helps (by the way, I must have to write that it took me 5 minutes and a jump on urban dictionary to understand what "amirate" was...) and the return of the scribble's love. It would probably has not been possible without coming here to look at all the others artwork. And without @NSEP who made me discover deviantart by sharing the link here. Also I remember you share one of your work with a Diamond Star some times ago, so here is my way to thank you : "Triple Oscar" was one of the two DA40NG of the air club I was flying. It's here in its original livery but with the Austrian flag of Diamond Aircraft instead of the club's logo.
  9. To be honest I will be willing to bet a ball that even the ESA would not want to place a civilian in this position. It is logic to me when the different space programs begun, of course who in the 50's to 60's were already trained to those extreme conditions if not the fighters pilots. Probably not the guys (sturdy anyway) flying between the turbulences in multi-piston engines. But at the end of the 80's I can not doubt that a good number of civilians could have been capable after the same rough training in flight onboard simulators and the couple of G-II.
  10. That still is not a sufficient reason for such a strict selection (to me, of course). In my own experience of flying pieces of c..p made of wood, tissues and powered by something you can hardly call a performant engine I've met in years different persons on the fields. One of them, an active instructor on "Super Etendard" in the French Navy found a way to broke two times the front landing gear of our airclub Aquila A 210. He probably thought to be at the landing on an aircraft carrier... and still he can't be the sole in the world.
  11. I hope so. I was more than doubtfully of them at their beginning but not reluctant. The fact that they have revived a share of interest in space for the general public must be considered. Equally important for me is the highlight of the civilians in a sector still too much dominated by the militaries. The fact that any STS pilot was a military or ex-military is not justifiable to me (even more at the end of the program). On the other side, I simply can't support and even h.a.t.e those kind of TV shows with sometime stupid comments made by presenter. Without whistling or howls at every launch. But here they make it out too by proposing a channel without any comments.
  12. I made some others in calm during the last days (a great advantage to be off). Dassault MD.450B Ouragan over the Sinai. 7 September 1965, Indo-Pakistani War : a Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA of the Indian Air Force shot down a Lockheed F-104A Starfighter of the Pakistan Air Force a really low altitude. In reality this duel has well taken place, the Starfighter pilot just falling into the trap of a dogfighting at very low altitude, where the Mystère despite his age, dominated it in maniability. After some time to chase each others the F-104A was shot down by the Indian pilot. The Pakistani pilot got the time to eject and survived, but his Indian adversary never landed back and was considered as killed-in-action, probably being the victim of the damages taken during the encounter. In some kind of irony the same Pakistani pilot was credited the day before of a kill over an IAF Mystère IVA that he shot down with an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile. Persians warriors in their Tomcat 15 April 1994, Bosnian War : the Capitaine de corvette (Lieutenant commander) Pierre Clary from the Flotille 16.F of the French Navy Aviation got hit by a surface-to-air missile during a reconnaissance flight over the city of Goražde in Bosnia-Herzegovina onboard the Dassault ''Etendard'' IVPM no.115. The SAM tore off an important part of its horizontal stabilizer and heavily damaged the vertical one making the aircraft almost non-maneuverable. Despite those important damages the Lt Cmdr Clary kept the control of his ''Etendard'' and landed it back on the French aircraft carrier ''Clemenceau'' (R98) being in station in the Adriatic Sea. January 1991, Iraq : the Panavia Tornado GR.1 registered ZA447 of the Royal Air Force No.15 Squadron is penetrating the Iraqi airspace at the dunes crest during Operation Granby, the British participation of Desert Storm.Nicknamed ''MiG Eater'' this aircraft was thought to have destroyed an Iraqi Air Force Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29A Fulcrum-A, whilst completing an airfield denial mission, over Iraq. It was later discovered that it was actually a Dassault Mirage F1EQ. I'm working on some French Jaguar-A over Iraq too.
  13. Those last days were devoted to some coloring... A Dassault Super Mystère B.2 of the French Air Force is passing at full speed by the famous lighthouse of La Jument out of the island of Ushant in the 60's. Totally fictitious, somewhere over the Yellow Sea : a Lockheed A-12 Oxcart modified in a M-21 is about to release its D-21 drone for a mach 3 reconnaissance flight over the People's Republic of China.
  14. That is E-VO-LU-TION ! More seriously, that video will go so nice in a "Knight Rider" episode.
  15. You just make me discover there was that English version of the song. As a kid they were always playing the original German version. How not to forget those beautiful lyrics, kind of "Neinenarh arch lurftballons such yhrem Wag zoom Horizonte" and Nena voice... so, mmmh... so... so 90's yes!