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  1. I finally upgraded my bass drum and it changes my experience! Neighbors must enjoy too!
  2. I haven't listened at Rush for about 12 years (no joke, except the usual broadcasting of Tom Sawyer, which I've never been a fan of), so external impulsions telling me I should go back again I did it... Now I have Manhattan Project running through my minds for hours and I just can't stop listening at it. How such a topic could be transposed to that style of music is simply incredible to me.
  3. Has the despair of some of us been heard by Arianespace? They have just released a recap video of the 16th launch and a short view from an on-board camera is visible at 1:12. 3139 days. It took 3139 days to share a sight provided by most other launch providers.
  4. Eight years later, we are still waiting for an onboard camera... However, the AOV-CSG has finally shared some HFR shots from VV16.
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    Just leaving this here.
  6. That part where Dr. X talks around 2:30 always got me. (The track's name ironically fits our times...)
  7. Went for SAOCOM 1B and I caught the Blackhawk pair in some kind of Apocalypse Now atmosphere. The incredible sight of B1059 climbing to a polar orbit, seen from the South of Cape Canaveral. First stage landing burn.
  8. The latest NAM forecast gave a central pressure of 897 hPa on Wednesday at 16:00Z, which would make Laura the fifth most intense tropical cyclone in Northern Atlantic.
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    Honestly, I can't understand why jackhammers still aren't regarded as groundbreaking inventions. --- What one would say if a pun enters a room to kill ten people? Pun in - Ten dead.
  10. I have this album in minds for about three days now. I just can't stop hearing it as its transcendence hits me hard, precisely that part starting at 8:20 A part of me wants it to leave my minds, while the other just enjoy it again and again.
  11. What I thought too; pretty disappointing.
  12. Official video from Kourou, the Future Has... Begun. I'm pretty much interested by "Space Rider" (a.k.a Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle), and confused by the aerodrome showed at the same time. The location appears to be West of the Chilean coast (which would be a weird geographical location for recovering, and no runways are available around), while the CGIs gave an idea of an island (looking close to Ascension Island and its RAF Station).
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