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  1. Eve and Moho Welcome back and sorry for the long silence. In these day Eve (!!) and Moho was conquered. The landing spot: I actually overshoot it and so the ship landed only 2300 m high... Lander separation Hitting the atmosphere Heatshield opened Near the surface it's decoupled And landed, the shield survived and will remain for ever near the flag (The lander is shameless copied from this, with few tweaks) Now come the fun! The lowest landing site mean that we shouldn't reach orbit... but one problem at time... The launch profile is quite simple: a straight ascent until 22 km and a slow gravity turn I was right... We need 400 m/s... Using the EVA pack to reach orbit We made it! The lander is used as a lifeboat for save Bill Return to the mothership, now decommissionated All xenon reserves and the lander were transferred on the Moho tug for the trip Transfer orbit to Moho And burning to circularize In orbit of Moho The lander is reconfigured for descent Flag planted! Reurning to orbit Rendezvous with the tug Coming soon the rendezvous with the motership at Duna, stay tuned!
  2. Still Interplanetary Travel and Gilly A small update (seems that I have choose the worst period for this mission) Landers for Laythe and Tylo burned for Jool The ship was first left in the same inclination of gilly and with an high apoapsis, for a more efficient transfer Reconfigured for gilly landing Intercepting gilly Separation of the transfer stage (using KIS and on a suborbital trajectory) And landing! First flag outside Kerbin System In the meantime the ship circularised high over Eve
  3. The Great Split and First Interplanetary travel The 1.2.9 is in pre-release and the clock is counting, so better hurry up to catch the Musk-like deadline! At the mothership Bill detached some spent Xe tank for lower mass Then dedicated lander was detached and prepared for interplanetary voyage, here Duna Lander: Tylo Lander And Laythe (sorry for the darkness...) Bill detached also the supports of the landers And the separation between mothership "A" and "B" (nomenclature by KASA) Route of the two motherships The mothership "A" and the Lander burn for Duna And they are also first on they target Tomorrow we will see the eve on Laythe and maybe on Moho. Bye!
  4. Mün and Minmus This is the General Purpose Lander (a 4k battery with dawn engines, shamelessly copied from @Jetski), it will land on every body except of course Eve, Duna, Tylo and Laythe. I'm using KAS for switching between the double engine version (for higher TWR) and single (for higher D/v). For the Mün I used the double engine version with 1100 unit of xenon. Node splitting for low TWR First Flag! Rendezvous with the mothership. The docking without RCS is very hard the first time, this took over 20 minutes of bouncing after the docking the lander was refilled and reconfigured for Minmus, this time with one engine and 400 unit of Xe. And the flag is in position! Returned to the mothership, ready for the interplanetary travel Links are only temporary, I will upload the screenshots on imgur asap. I know... lets change in "before I upload to 1.3"
  5. 0.17, 0.18 was relased on 1st December 2012
  6. Assembling a space station:
  7. Launch! On Launch Pad: SpaceY, if you can think, we can launch! Engines on! And tower cleared (If only we have a tower) Say goodbye at the KSC Booster sep and Korolev Cross First Stage sep Fairing sep and circularization Final orbit
  8. Hello guys, this is the report of my attempt to complete a Grand tour, maybe is no more so sensational as before but will be a great achievement... Let's start! This is THE rocket: Stats: 80 m tall 2295.322 t on launch pad 347 parts Manned by Bill and 1 Screwdriver First stage Thrust 37.40 MN 1,004,669+ 1 for Bill pay And now, under the fairing we have this: The SpaceShip is splitted in two parts: after kerbin orbit insertion the upper will tug the Eve lander and the Multi pourpose lander to Eve, while the lower to Duna for tug the lander among outers bodies. On the trusses at the bottom we have the Duna lander (on the left), the Laythe lander (on the right) and the Tylo lander (hidden behind the ship), they will go directly from LKO to their destinations. Stay tuned for more! The modlist:
  9. Thank @sdj64, I've had some irl problems... in a few days I should be able to resume the mission.
  10. So, i dislike low TWR, so the trans-Jool-transfer was performed by a 7.5 m wide "Dual-Emu", with a TWR of 1.5. The mission carried Jeb (as Lander Pilot), Val (As carrier pilot) and Bill (...as engineer) to Jool. The whole single-launch-mission weigh 5000+ t on the launch pad, and cost 1798711 founds. KSP 1.2.0 with some mods, all listed below Launch From transfer to Laythe orbit Laythe descent
  11. Today I've completed a Jool-5 for the first time! More pics soonTM in the challenge thread.
  12. Thanks @DustInTheWind and @sdj64, the mission is in progress
  13. Hi! I'm trying the level 1 for the first time, Is it ok to disable the CommNetwork?
  14. Thank! I totally missed the backup folder...