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  1. I support this. I use MechJeb's Smart A.S.S. mode or Atmosphere Autopilot to hold a horizon lock. It'sa verra naaaice.
  2. That's a bingo! No more lag spikes. Thank you.
  3. Now all I need is a Near Future VAB that's big enough to easily edit these new monstrosities I've devised.
  4. Wut-wut? Another part pack?! If Squad wasn't embarrassed before, they ought to be now.
  5. A couple of weeks into June, I went into the LEGO store in my area and asked about the set. The guy there said it was sold out in a day, and that they expected getting more in about a month. He told me many of the LEGO sets are never made again, and pointed out a few in the store. If they are popular for some reason (cough, Millennium Falcon, cough), then you better grab it now. That doesn't preclude a reappearance of a similar set in the future (cough, Millennium Falcon, cough), but something like this? Doubt it.
  6. I just got this myself. I haven't gotten a LEGO set since I was a kid (I'm 51) but this proved far too tempting. Still, I was on the fence. Then I watched Scott Manley's video about it and I pushed the BUY button. In related news, my cat hopped up on the bed, caught sight of the big box sitting up against the wall, and got all creeped-out for a minute. "Something new! What this! I can has rocket?"
  7. I edited my ship files directly with the new names. I attempted to load each red ship from the VAB/SPH and noted the part names the game could not find. Then figured out their replacement names. In retrospect, a matrix would have been great for that, as I kept going back and forth figuring out what the old/new names were. It's laborious, but holds up in the long run. It's good practice to fully delete and then re-copy NF folders in gamedata when there are new versions. Unfortunately, this would wipe out any cfg files you created.
  8. I stuck a few of the ring-shaped solar panels to my ship to look at them. When I tried to re-position them (in this case, "up"), they suddenly snapped to some point inside my ship. I wasn't able to move them around.
  9. A good playable example of the Roche Limit can be found in Universe Sandbox 2. You'll be surprised how quickly an orbiting body will break up.
  10. Looks like "-force-opengl" cured the problem. I had to give up using this switch in 1.2.2 because it was giving me blank textures, even with the latest drivers. I did try updating drivers again, to no avail.
  11. I've had a long-time crashing issue with KSP that, until now, has baffled me. What would happen is that my screen would go blank, I'd hear Windows play an event sound, and then I had no choice but to power down my PC. This happens sporadically, most often in the VAB. It also happens in-flight, but a bit less so. Maybe because I spend more time building contraptions than flying them. Since playing 1.3 (and stripping me of all mods), the game has totally stopped crashing for me. As I've slowly added back updated mods, the game has remained stable. Until I put back NF and started editing my contraptions again. I've included my game log below. The crash indicates my video card ran out of memory. I'm running an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, which has 4 GB of RAM, at a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The exact action I was performing in the VAB, with a complex ship open, was extending and retracting one of the new photo voltaic panels to check it out. Guess all those textures going at once is too much for my card. [LOG 12:23:13.650] [ApplicationLauncher] OnSceneLoadedGUIReady: scene EDITOR ShouldBeVisible() True ShouldBeOnTop() False iIsPositionedAtTop True [LOG 12:23:13.651] [ApplicationLauncher] SpawnSimpleLayout: HorizontalRightLeft [LOG 12:23:13.654] ScaleModList: listSize 41 maxListSize 2289 [LOG 12:23:13.656] ScaleModList: listSize 41 maxListSize 2289 [LOG 12:23:13.657] ScaleModList: listSize 41 maxListSize 2289 [LOG 12:23:13.658] ScaleModList: listSize 82 maxListSize 2280 [LOG 12:23:13.659] ScaleModList: listSize 41 maxListSize 2280 [LOG 12:23:13.659] [Kopernicus]: StarLightSwitcher: Set active star => Sun [LOG 12:23:14.136] [UIApp] OnDestroy: ContractsApp [LOG 12:23:14.311] ScaleModList: listSize 82 maxListSize 2280 [LOG 12:23:14.316] [MessageSystem] Reposition 0.02 34570 [WRN 12:23:14.322] UIList: RemoveItem didn't find any item to remove. [LOG 12:23:14.609] [UIApp] Adding EngineersReport to Application Launcher [LOG 12:23:14.611] ScaleModList: listSize 82 maxListSize 2239 [LOG 12:23:14.634] [UIApp] Adding KSPedia to Application Launcher [LOG 12:23:14.636] ScaleModList: listSize 82 maxListSize 2198 [LOG 12:23:14.636] [GenericAppFrame] Reposition 0.2285863 34576 [LOG 12:24:04.440] deleting part solarpanel-deploying-2x3-1 [LOG 12:24:18.375] solarpanel-blanket-3 added to ship - part count: 491 [ERR 12:24:42.424] D3D device reset failed [out of memory] [LOG 12:24:42.424] Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost) [ERR 12:24:42.620] D3D device reset failed [out of memory] [LOG 12:24:42.620] Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost) [ERR 12:24:42.754] D3D device reset failed [out of memory]
  12. I wasn't expecting so much manual ".craft" file editing, but okay... worth it!
  13. Yippee! Now this is pod-racing!
  14. I also had that set! I never understood why everything was blue, but whatever. At least the LEM separated from the landing body. Fortunately, the LEGO human figures got slightly more realistic...
  15. If only we could get the Mun to break away from Kerbin so we could have weekly adventures in space and visit planets outside the Kerbol system. According to the show, the delta-V requirement for such an event is surprisingly small... and also inexplicable.