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  1. My channel is Cole Dailey
  2. I make Youtube videos about me doing something in ksp
  3. Good point.
  4. Remote Tech interferes with commnet. It has a weird glitch.

  5. Tried to create a ship with mods did not go so well

  6. Nice job.
  7. I have a printer and can do these cut outs that I can download
  8. Still works with Kerbal Space Program v 1.2.1
  9. Wow So MANY PARTS on Kerbal Space Program

  10. That is correct the wiki has not been updated for a couple of months now.
  11. Canot wait for version 1.1.3 to be out on steam

  12. Building Apollo Rockets in ksp

    1. Cole Dailey

      Cole Dailey

      The lander that I made has so much fuel. But it does not go well with a crew cabin attached. The aero dynamics snap it in half.