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  1. Slightly off topic, but I play 1.2.2 and K-drives still work. However, instead of legs pushing against the ship, you need to have legs push against a ship that pushes against your ship. If this is patched, I am staying in 1.2.2. I need them for... storyline reasons.
  2. Really makes you think about how often you EVA in KSP, doesn't it?
  3. Yeah, it's annoying, isn't it? Good thing it's rebindable.
  4. *Gets back from camp* *Sees news* *Screams no* *Realizes that it's hopefully for the greater good* I mean, I guess I know how people older than me feel to have a Mars mission pushed back again and again. I just hope it won't be for five decades... *Packs for immediate vacation eighteen hours after the last one*
  5. One of the original proposals (iirc) was to use a Saturn 1 to launch a stage into orbit (with engines and tanks and everything) that later would have been broken into by a crew and converted into a station, wet workshop style. They canceled it in favor of Skylab, the "dry workshop." But I think it would be really, REALLY cool if they had kept the second and third stages connected on the Skylab mission, and used the second stage as a wet workshop. Then, you have both dry and wet workshops! It would certainly have been interesting!
  6. @dundun93, post not liked as requested! I hereby predict. @S A M. I unofficially acronymize your name (hey, that's a real word according to google!) as "Secret Agent Man." *Evil Laugh*
  7. MY EVIL PLAN CONTINUES, @dundun92! I now predict @dundun93! (If you haven't been to a certain thread nobody knows what I'm talking about)
  8. Commence the not liking. *Five minutes later* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- EDIT: My evil plan is working. Thanks for the like, @dundun92. Reverse psychology is... interesting... Now, soon, I will amass TEN THOUSAND Reverse-Psychology likes and I will CONTROL THE WORLD!!! On second thought, I'll go back to binge-watching stuff on YouTube. Much more rewarding. EDIT: I meant @dundun93. Your names are really similar, you should team up. ANOTHER EDIT: MY EVIL PLAN ARISES! I now have a post that is liked by two people whose names are only one character off!
  9. MOAR HISTORRY!!! Except I'm binge watching something right now, and I'll listen to the album when I'm done with that. Except I'm leaving for two weeks tomorrow... *Places video on "Watch later" list*
  10. Hello, and welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!
  11. @TheKosanianMethod Right, thanks for the reminder. I would also say, in a dramatic voice, "War. War never changes," at least 29 times.
  12. Due to some weird coincidence, a wave of radiation with the exact frequency needed to launch every nuclear missile on Earth has hit Earth. World leaders try to activate the missiles' self-destruct sequences but invisible flying octopuses from outer space have intercepted all of the self-destruct commands. I would see a large flash and look on in horror as a mushroom cloud expanded above nearby Iowa City. There are thousands of warheads, but, seriously? Who would waste one on a tiny town such as mine? However, I'd be brainwashed by the moment. As I watched mushroom clouds grow all around me, I'd run back into the house and go to YouTube for the last few seconds of its existence and cue up "The Final Countdown." I'd say something dramatic, call a few choice people and tell them a few choice things, before staring up at the moon (if it was out) and say "I'm sorry," tears streaming down my face. Then the song would end. I'd restart it and think "Huh, maybe that missile's launch was delayed. It happens all the time in the space industry." I'd redo the former two paragraphs two more times before realizing that nobody would waste a nuke on a town of 3,000 people. I would then proceed to facepalm and feel really stupid. Then, I'd try to not die and probably fail. Even if I survived, my dream would be dead - mostly everyone is dead. Cape Canaveral? Destroyed. I will not go to space today. Nor the next day. Nor in the next few decades... or maybe ever...
  13. This was not today, but a few days ago. Going back a few weeks before the few days ago, I needed to charge something but I lost the charger. You know how they tell you not to stick things into wall outlets? Well, I took two wires, stuck them into the thing that needed charging, and then stuck the two wires into the outlet. And it worked. Nothing exploded. Nothing caught fire or anything. A few days ago I was cleaning my room and I found this little motor on the ground which had two wires sticking out of it but no battery. I think you can see where this is going... The inside of the motor exploded. Sparks came out of the wall, and the Kleenex that I was using to hold the motor had blackened in places. I have learned my lesson and will NOT be doing that again! *Do not try this at home.*
  14. Ah, many thanks! I was still on the other stream! *crosses fingers that rocket will launch okay*
  15. T-5. Come on, come on! Put a countdown clock up so I can sync my music!