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  1. Both aren't actually real trains. But I wish they were.
  2. Hahaha! Very nice! Sort of reminds me of the time I cheated a sailboat into orbit... and crashed it into the mun...
  3. Sometimes it can be even harder to stick with what you think up. I have a couple Google Drive folders full of stories I never finished, as well as a few real life folders. I have continually put off opening up the save file for Project Intrepid, and I have been putting off the next chapter of Voyage for a week or two as well. But - nine times out of ten, I'll always come back to it at least once. So, @Kerbiter, if you get burned out, just let it happen. You'll probably come back to it eventually, with a refreshed mind full of new ideas, trust me. I know from experience. Thanks. I didn't realize it until now, but that is the true reason I started writing Voyage. I think I write a bit too much of myself into the main character... We're both obsessed with Wintergatan, we both are obsessed with The Final Countdown, we both want to go to space someday, and we both own dusty, old, out of tune spinet pianos... Scratch "wrote a bit too much of myself into," I think Ethan is literally the fictitious version of me, except for our names and out hometowns (although his school's auditorium is based on my school's auditorium). So, I fully agree with everything @Just Jim said. Write about what you like!
  4. There was an entire research group for ion planes a while back. We determined that taking off from the runway with only ion engines is practically impossible, even with infinite electricity available. I had one of the more successful designs, as it could take off from a mountaintop with a crew of one and ascend to 22km. However, it could not take off from sea level. The reason your challenge is impossible (from sea level at least) is that the specific impulse, and therefore thrust of ion engines drops to near zero levels, meaning you can have the highest possible TWR configuration plane (E.G. practically the same TWR as the ion engine itself) and it won't get above 19m/s on the runway. Eve would be even harder, as even on the highest mountaintops the ion engine produces next to no thrust. That being said, if we don't have to take off from the runway, and can use mountains, suborbital is definitely possible if you have a good enough computer. My second best flight attempt, back from the days of the Ion Plane Research Challenge. Took off from 6km and rose to 18km. IIRC it was around 500 parts.
  5. You NEED to see the Saturn V building. Besides the obvious giant rocket hanging from the ceiling, they have a used Apollo capsule on display off to the side, an assortment of various spacesuits (I think Mercury through Apollo) next to the capsule, as well as a stand where you can touch a moon rock. If you can time it so that you can see a launch, then DO IT. I'm heading down to Florida in a few days, but sadly not in time for CRS-11.
  6. I finished my first ever Eeloo mission - meaning I've been to every body in the stock game now. And I forgot the parachutes.
  7. We have Bop and Pol, still... Let's hope those stick around for a while.
  8. So, on May 28 (yesterday for me right now) I realized two things: 1. I've never been to Eeloo. Eeloo is the only body in the game I've never gone to and returned from (and, yes, I've been to Eve and back). 2. I haven't uploaded anything to YouTube in four months. Do you see where I'm going with this? The first of a 3-ish part series. All feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!
  9. Huh, interestingly enough I'm also doing an Eeloo mission right now... actually two. One with the bits of timewarp you mentioned, and one in a different save because I said "Eeloo's the only place I've never been. I should go there!" For some reason this affected me emotionally way more than it should have. *goes off to think of something dramatic to say inside my head*
  10. Can I have the co-ordinates for that wall, please? I've never heard of it before!
  11. I realized I haven't uploaded to YouTube in, like, four months. The problem isn't the amount of footage to be edited, but the motivation to edit it. I have a backlog of around eight model rocketry videos to be edited, but I don't really want to do that. There's also Reusable Space Program to edit (series never took off), a video I made with a friend, and a failed lightweight Moho mission (had plenty of DV, but 1.01 TWR when I tried to land it). I also realized I had never been to Eeloo. I have a Project Intrepid ship on the way, but I don't have the motivation to continue with that series just yet, especially with Voyage and maybe the collaborative cinematic taking place. So I built an Eeloo mothership for use in a YouTube video. And literally half a second after I dock the final module, the sun rises over the horizon. I'm starting to wonder if the game is rigged so that every docking happens at sunrise. Literally HALF of my dockings happen at sunrise! Not that I'm complaining. EDIT: I was de-orbiting my crew spaceplane for the mission. Just as I entered the atmosphere, the sun rose eclipsed by the Mun. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!
  12. C=~3.14*D. C=~3.14*26000 C=~81640 Longest part in the game = Kickback booster (I think). Kickback booster = ~15m Parts = Distance/Part length Parts = 81640/15 Parts = ~5443 That's assuming that your structure is perfectly circular with no docking ports (Spoiler: It won't be perfectly circular with straight segments). Also, that's Gilly's radius from Sea level (I think). Highest point on Gilly is 6400m, more like 5000 on equator (estimated). So, your structure will theoretically be around 8,000 parts minimum, over 9000 if you do it legitimately (using docking). Perfectly doable based on part count. I got bored once and made a colony ship that was over 5000 parts. With optimization, lowered settings, an Alienware computer, and lots of patience, this is perfectly doable. I'm curious to see what the game does with gravity, though. Plus, when you time warp it locks rotation. That would get weird.
  13. I have to leave right now, so I'll explain more later, but I googled a Delta V map and with 10-ish KM/s and RAPIERS for Kerbin ascent, and with the gravity assists it's about 4500 from Kerbin to escape, 500 for corrections (5k), 2 for slowing down and landing, and 2 for the transfer back, totaling 9km/s. I think its' doable.
  14. So, I get home from the graduation ceremony (I'm not graduating, I was just in the band) and I go onto YouTube, where I find this livestream by Keyboardplayer, who is known for doing improvised versions of songs. I didn't know he livestreamed, though. There were 29 people watching. I didn't have anything better to do, so I clicked on it. Easily the best decision I made this month. He's really great at playing, and he was taking song requests, so naturally I asked for "The Final Countdown," my favorite song. And - Yes. Link for those interested! I never expected for anyone to improvise that live.
  15. Out of likes, so you get a quote. "Our launch was delayed twelve hours because during the daytime our computers are too laggy to perform the launch."