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  1. BDA, Adjustable Landing Gear, Aviator's Arsenal. #laptop
  2. I was staffing a training course all week. My cabin had no A/C. It was about 95F with 50-80% humidity all week. We used fans to make a section of our cabin have a constant cool wind. We called it the "wind tunnel".
  3. I just got back from National Youth Leadership Training - it's my second year on staff. That's why I've been gone for a week. We were camped in front of the runway from Andrews AFB, and we saw three F-16s fly in a low formation right over us, then we saw a KC-135 later that day. The next day, we saw another KC-135 and watched four F-16s take off in quick succession.
  4. 'Murica. OT: Known for having a cool signature.
  5. Known for the Soviet-approved faceplate.
  6. When you're sitting in school on the last day... browsing the KSP Forums and not Twitter or Snapchat
  7. I cause the universe to implode with a super massive black hole, restarting at the Big Bang.
  8. No Pac-Man style integer overflow?
  9. If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing. If you can use the airplane the next day, it's and outstanding landing. -Chuck Yeager
  10. So I've been sitting around in school doing nothing, and I found 2048, a game of matching tiles to get tile number 2048. It also tracks the player's score, so I was wondering if anyone else had found it, and what their highscore was. My personal best is 12,428 with the highest tile being 1024.
  11. Ksp forums and read XKCD the bone doctor tells me that because I watched the movie, and I slipped into the world of difference in the hallway. When I get around to writing 6-ish weeks ago by the end of this message has been a while. I'm unable to join the military or something like that happens to me. He doesn't speak like people from Detroit. Some random person who goes hiking and I will be at the airport baggage claim. How are things that are trying to get the best security? What the is letting me know if I want to say that back? Fighter jets just went to the E.R. and the other side. Autocarrot, the carrot minigun, is coming next.
  12. When you are sitting in the back of the class doing nothing because the four other kids are taking finals. I have almost 1 1/2 hours left, and Reddit is blocked.
  13. I found my old iPod Nano from six years ago. I don't remember what songs are on it, but I am leaving it to charge overnight on my computer. If it won't hold a charge for long, I may just copy the files over to my hard drive then to my tablet. I'm sick of listening to the same five copyright free songs on my tablet over and over.
  14. "Even though you broke my heart and killed me And tore me to pieces And threw every piece into a fire ... I'm GLaD I got burned! Think of all the things were learned!"
  15. Never saw the original Batman, but I might watch it in his memory. At least he didn't die young, he had a long run.