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  1. I saw it Thursday night, but didn't see this thread until now. It was so good. The Zune store 300 songs!
  2. It rained most of last week and on Monday and Tuesday. Now it's supposed to be 90F today, and it's already 71. I also forgot and wore jeans today...
  3. I thought the celebrity deaths stopped last year. Rest in Peace.
  4. I personally find Crash Course informative, but John Green annoys me for no reason. He also talks faster than a bullet, so that's part of it.
  5. See you around, then.
  6. I managed to run across @Findthepin1 on Reddit today! It was in a discussion about calculators.
  7. I have three. One left, and that's Geometry... ugh.
  8. So I was going to take my Earth Science SOL (it's a state-required end-of-year test, separate from final exams) on Monday, but I had to do a Cambridge exam on the same day, so I told admin that I'd do the SOL on a make-up day. I had my History SOL on the first make-up day (today), and I got an e-mail saying those with conflicting History/ES make-ups would not take them on the same day. So I finished my History SOL today at ~9:45. At ~12:00, I got a note from admin saying I needed to head to the library for my ES SOL. I was annoyed, but I was prepared for Monday, so I went and took it. Not hard. Fast forward to when I'm at home, and my mother read her (parent) version of the same e-mail I got. It turns out I could have walked to admin, told them I had two tests in one day, and I could've moved the test to Monday. TLDR - I took two end-of-year tests in one day, even though I didn't really need to.
  9. It's May, and it's cold and rainy. THIS BETTER CLEAR UP BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY!
  10. Because there's no other game that lets you build and fight planes the way KSP does. Because I can then take those planes to space. And then fight with them there. Because I can do whatever I want.
  11. I like playing with BDArmory. I enjoy going to full burners and running to the pole. I guess you could say... I feel the need... ... the need for speed! I feel no shame.
  12. I wanna see a KSP version of Thunderstruck.
  13. That's mostly from Saving Private Ryan. Give it a little time, and maybe everyone will know what Dunkirk was.
  14. For our state requirments, we didn't even have to know what the Doolittle Raid was, the battles for Iwo Jima (Any of them really), the campaign in Italy, or that the Soviets did anything. Nor did we need to know about the Battle of Britain. But my history teacher decided to teach us what they were.
  15. This is lamb covered in pesto, if anyone was wondering. It's really good. On topic: I read somewhere recently that heat-seeking missiles are fiction because a computer "cannot feel heat." AIM-9, anyone?