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  1. That's what I thought it was until I realized Sal vast leaving.
  2. Roman Catholic.
  3. War Thunder is always fun. Every now and then, I try to pull up. Then I wonder why I'm stalling. Then I remember that W and S are the throttle, A and D are roll, and Q/E is for the rudder.
  4. My first SSTO and Mun landing were both awesome. Some of my dogfights are pretty awesome too.
  5. On Easter, the fire alarm in my church went off at the end of the service. We continued like normal, we had about a minute left. By the time the rest of the altar servers and I had lined up and walked to the back of the church (within a minute of the alarm), the last six rows were completely empty - apparently all of the old people bolted as soon as the alarm went off.
  6. Jeb and Val are friendly rivals, both badass pilots, and therefore not a romantic couple. At least in my mind. Others can disagree.
  7. $48 million for the first movie. FF2- 76 FF3- 85 FF4- 85 FF5- 125 FF6- 160 FF7- 190 Fate of the Furious- 250 Total: $971 million USD Now that's another good idea!
  8. The only movie close to that would be Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It took the Hobbit Trilogy to get to $623 million - or about $200 million a movie.
  9. I tried to add stuff to my avatar for a sal_vager homage, but I couldn't make it look any good. My username is my YouTube username, which has several origin stories, depending on length. It came from a ridiculous way of solving math problems I made in third grade as a satire to the complicated ways we were taught in school. Whenever I do something in an overcomplicated manner, I call it "The Kosanian Method", which itself is a complicated word. My avatar is my flag for my Kerbal Air Force, made in MS Paint.
  10. So we just put some of @KSK's writing to film?
  11. I have checkboxes for: Capture any fullscreen application Multi-adapter compatibility Force Scaling Allow Transparency Limit capture framerate Capture Cursor* Use anti-cheat compatability hook* *= box checked I also have the options for what window to record and window match priority
  12. Nothing - still black.
  13. Okay, I'll try that in a second - definitely not landing an SSTO.
  14. I have two options: chrome.exe KSP_x64.exe The KSP.exe one just gives me a black recording - sound only.
  15. These are the options I see when I click on "Add Source": -Image -Media Source -Text -Display Capture -Window Capture -Game Capture -Video Capture Device <-- This is my webcam -Audio Input Capture -Audio Output Capture By the way, thanks for playing tech support!