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  1. So if North Korea really started WWIII that's gonna make world's population plummet, it's basically either we survive or becoming one of the collateral damage
  2. Sleep, with an earphone. As soon as KSP menu music starts, I'm awake
  3. 0/10 haven't see you too before. Nice to meet you!
  4. When you giggled seeing any space movie and the first thing that pops up in your mind is "That's impossible according to astrophysics. KSP teached me so many things to ruin ever space movie ever"
  5. Landing 100-meter 4000 ton freighter on mun in vertical position (Though it breaks apart from sheer weight)
  6. Obviously, there needs to be a refining facility on Titan to make it usable (in fact, Titan makes a good refueling point for interplanetary ship)
  7. Known for banning me because I have less than 50 posts
  8. The easiest fuel source on the outer region of solar system is Titan's methane (which is easily refined into rocket fuel)
  9. Can't get it out of my head!
  10. Carpet bomb it with hydrogen bomb Cats entering atmosphere at suborbital trajectory?
  11. 5/10 I think I see you around the forums Edit: 8/10 after I'm seeing your achievements regarding STS challenge (man, I never succeed in building shuttles )
  12. Or, using helium-3 found on jupiter as a fuel for nuclear fusion
  13. Known for visiting my profile page