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  1. The formula to use is the volume of a truncated cone, treating it as a cone with lower radius 1.25m and upper radius 0.625m, it should have ~58% the volume of a Mk1 fuselage, 240 units would be 60%, which would be in keeping with the shape which bulges outwards and so would be bigger than a true truncated cone. 160 or 200 units is less than generous but reasonable if an "adapter penalty" is desired.
  2. I usually just delete debris, but I have experimented extensively with recovery & recycling, especially in hard difficulty careers. Rockets built around the Twin-Boar are exceptionally easy to recover because it's got the most excellent drag profile for re-entry (basically being fat it slows down like a dream and the heating isn't too bad). I've even gone so far as to recover ejection stages: This involves a Twin-Boar central core with ~1000m/s of dV leftover in orbit. It starts the ejection burn and once reaching Kerbin escape (having expended ~950m/s) is decoupled, the remaining vehicle goes on to the complete the transfer burn while the Twin-Boar turns around and does a burn to un-escape. Now on a highly elliptical orbit it can be aerobraked back down and recovered. While technically possible with any engine (especially doing many tedious areobrake passes) the Twin-Boar's drag profile makes it particularly pleasant and it's much less likely to burn up than say a Mammoth or Mainsail would be. I also use SSTOs and SSTOs that cheat (by slapping on a bunch of SRBs) a good deal, often refueling on Minmus to get two 5000m/s burns out of them which is enough to get almost anywhere without creating any debris. I've also experimented with recycling LV-N based ships a lot, essentially by always joining the payload using a docking port rather than a decoupler, so after it's job is done the LV-N stage is left with a little fuel and can be refueled and reused for some other task. Most the cost and much of the weight of a LV-N stage is in the engine itself, so once you've put the thing in orbit it's relatively cheaper to refuel it than to launch a whole new one, and it's a lot cheaper to deliver tanks of liquid fuel to other worlds than whole new LV-N engines. The end result is many of my missions have been nearly completely recovered, recycled or reused with next to no debris creation. Still, I can't always be bothered, so usually now I just end up deleting debris.
  3. Hmmm, I'm getting CO2 fatalities at 100000x warp - but only when the vessel is loaded, when warping time at the tracking station it doesn't happen, also doesn't happen at lower warp speeds. What happens is that after a few moments of 100000x warp the electric charge spontaneously zeros out and the kerbals die from CO2 poisoning, funny thing is that at 10000x warp the EC only fluctuates by ~500EC, with 17000EC the ship has plenty of buffer to handle expected fluctuations from time warp. There is no exception in the debug/log, and there is no warning about low power. Just instant EC zero out and instant death. The vessel is a Jool transfer vessel which is exceptionally well equipped, with heaps of solar panels in full sun and massive redundancies in systems, unfortunately it also has quite a lot of mod parts - I activated a NFT nuclear reactor to see if it would make a difference and it didn't, the station can be powered fine by either solar or NFT reactor or both, and in all cases (both functional and dysfunctional) it works the same, so it's not an issue with the solar panels. I also tried restarting the game which made no difference. I decided to reproduce it in stock+Kerbalism and succeeded without difficulty [save file]. I'm not sure what the minimum requirements to reproduce it is (i.e. perhaps a recycler is to blame), but I basically reproduced my vessel, a vessel where there is no excuse other than a bug: 16000EC, lots of solar panels, great redundancy in life support w/ all recyclers including CO2->O2 chemical plant. Put in orbit of sun, warp at 100000x speed and within moments everyone dies without warning, with the EC zeroing out.
  4. There is a known issue where if you EVA and plant a flag then upon returning to the vessel control will be locked out until you either remove the flag or completely exit and restart KSP.
  5. I've noticed a strange behaviour of the IFS Cryogenic Tanks, in brief, the conversion of liquid to gas can be significantly over or under unity in terms of resulting mass of gas Lqd Nitrogen converts into about 5x the mass of Nitrogen In contrast, Lqd Xenon converts into only about 1/10th the mass of Xenon But Lqd Hydrogen and most other liquids I tested convert correctly, including Argon, Ammonia, CO and CO2 I did not find other inconsistent conversions, but I did not test everything. I did the test in an install with only IFS to make sure no other mod was interfering.
  6. Just put that into a .cfg file which is somewhere in GameData subfolders. You can literally put it almost anywhere (as long as it's in a cfg file) but what I do is have a folder in GameData for my personal tweaks (creatively called "personal") and put any custom cfg in that folder, no action is required to make that folder "a mod" as the game loads stuff from GameData indiscriminately. By not using an existing folder (such as kerbalism) there's no problem with my personal tweaks being lost due to mod updates.
  7. This has come up several times in this thread. At the moment nitrogen can only be harvested from atmospheres (using the atmospheric sampling experiment), so unless you're making a base on Eve, Duna or Laythe you basically have to bring nitrogen from Kerbin. Realistically it should be possible to extract nitrogen from nitrate deposits but atm no such option exists, however someone has created a profile that allows (indirect) production of nitrogen from ore.
  8. Ah, yes, that is a hindrance, I made my own config:
  9. You could use TweakScale I used to not like TweakScale, but it works really well for reducing parts list clutter if a mod only provides a very limited range of sizes, and suggests using TweakScale if you want larger parts. I don't really like TweakScale for engines, but it makes a heap of sense for storage parts.
  10. The scaling is exactly the same as how the base game tanks scale, for example if you scale an orange tank down to 1.25m it'll have identical volume and mass to a FL-T800 tank. This scaling factor is related to the cube of the radius: 2.5^3/1.25^3 = 8x, you'll notice an Orange Tank has 8x the volume and 8x the mass as a FL-T800 (or a 1.25m rescaled orange tank). The volume scaling factor from 0.625m -> 1.25m and 1.25m -> 2.5m is 8x, but from 2.5m -> 3.75m is 3.375x
  11. It's worth noting that Near Future Technologies reactors seem to be properly supported by Kerbalism. At least I had lots of problems using USI Nuclear Reactors, but zero problems using NFT reactors.
  12. Hah, I managed to reproduce it. Seems planting a flag is important. Land a vessel with a command pod and probe core where this is no signal Go on EVA Plant Flag Get back in, control should now be locked out. Control for that vessel will remain locked out even if you load a save from before planting the flag. Control can be restored by restarting the game, or removing the flag. It probably isn't needed but here's a save from which to reproduce the steps. Reproduced on: Linux 64bit, mods: Only Kerbalism, MM and KER. PS. I believe I also had control lockout occur in orbit without a flag: I believe that was using KIS/KAS and manipulating some parts.
  13. I completed a mission to Duna and Ike, using a 10 day layover, with 2 kerbals in a vessel consisting of 2x Hitchhiker Cans (one fully shielded), a Greenhouse (not shielded) and Mk1 lander can (not shielded). A solar flare struck on the way to Duna and nearly killed both Kerbals (almost completely filling the radiation bar), they both lived to do the contracts and science at Duna/Ike but died shortly after departing from Duna. It was nice. I guess the shielding was a bit half-arsed but I hope with a well-shielded vessel it's possible to survive multiple solar flares. Bugs encountered: After landing on Ike I suffered the "control lockout" bug where there is no control (except the ability to make the kerbal go EVA and set SAS orientations - but no throttle control, steering or action menu actions other than EVA), restarting the game fixes it (which indicates pretty damn strongly it's not a real problem with the vessel). Unfortunately not demonstrable via save as restarting the game fixes it. I've encountered this bug twice both times with a vessel with a manned pod and a probe core where the Kerbal goes EVA: Both times happened to be when I landed on the lowest point of a world, so maybe the shadow and signal blocking has something to do with it. All the data sometimes goes missing. I think it's related to docking. It has happened fairly often but I haven't managed to reliably reproduce it. When a greenhouse is ready to harvest but there are no Kerbals on board to harvest, you still get the constant reminder to harvest it even though such an action may well be impossible for years. This seems to happen reliably.
  14. How does the overall shielding combine to determine the radiation damage inflicted on Kerbals? Do 4 fully shielded hitchhiker cans provide more radiation protection than 1 fully shielded hitchhiker can? Do adding extra crewed compartments without shielding increase, decrease or not change the shielding? The critical question is: If there is only one fully-shielded module on an otherwise unshielded ship, does undocking that module during the storm increase or decrease radiation for the kerbals inside it?
  15. I've noticed that RareMetals and ExoticMinerals are actually extremely common on Kerbin, it is very likely that Shores or Grasslands will have one or both at a high concentration. It would seem to be more in keeping with the names if these resources were depleted on Kerbin and either unobtainable or only found in difficult biomes like mountains. This would also hamper the launchpad money mills - while Stock supports launchpad moneymills (via Ore-> Fuel) and it'd probably be futile to try and completely prevent that tactic, the profits from mining RareMetals and ExoticMinerals are quite exceptional, to the point of raising millions of funds in a few days using a small rover.