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  1. How long do you plan to sleep?
  2. Why did you need such a large rocket to get it into orbit? Also, I'm on mobile right now so who's next?
  3. @HiThere!2 could you send some pics of the station? one or two of each station please, I've only seen the lko one so far. (read in a very sarcastic and humerus manner) IT'S EIGHT!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU DONE YET!!!!
  4. my attempt crashed the game, I had a big first stage and I had five engines in a four on the side on in the middle for the second stage but when I went to put the first stage on again but it accidentally connected to the four side engines so there was now FOUR big first stages and I was like: "okay" so I went with it. it 10 g's but then it crashed. trying again later or tomorrow.
  5. so I'm in 3'd now?
  6. The list of who's in line is In the same folder as the save file. Just so everyoNE knows who's going.
  7. @53miner53 thank you for doing that and lets hope when its my turn I can access the file wait, how do you do the sunglasses emoji? I can do
  8. If my prediction is right then you guys are just odd balls
  9. SeND a pick will ya?
  10. After rocket builder, what place am I in?
  11. what moderator should I congradulate for putting all of those cakes on there
  12. This is where I try to see if liking cake and being good at ksp have a connection. If you think of a kind of cake I forgot, please tell me.
  13. This is where I try to see if liking cake and being good at kso have a connection.