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  1. Didn't this mod add tiles to the landing gear? or was that some other mod that i lost track of
  2. First Foray into the world of firespitter. anyone got any tips for when i run this monstrosity thorough unity? like how to make constant propeller collision work, since none of the propellers (atleast from KAX Props) have collision when at max speed, and how to get a dynamic ramp up sound when the throttle is brought up.also anyone know how to mess with the tune/pitch of audio in FL studio 11?. Sauce:
  3. Yep im an idiot. i've always used Tweakable everything so its became a "Stock" option for me.
  4. never noticed this thread until now, kinda wish they had not botched the giveaway.
  5. Anyways, anyone else had an issue with the headlights not actually projecting light onto the surface?
  6. I actually made one of my planes do a backflip and STICK IT PERFECTLY because of runway seems. dont remove plz. or someone make a mod that adds them back.
  7. You don't have source available(or I'm just blind, i never looked at the Original post, just got off of Spacedock) Yay source, don't know what the hell to do with it. so how would i be able to move the node on the hitch without having to reload 1294 ^6 times, already established that the part teleportation was due to KAS and the ponderosa was just KSP being a glitchlord. the only thing programming-wise would be the custom headlights module not working right with KSP's lighting system. Anyways, love the mod, there was no reason to be so honory(Read:abrasive) about me just reporting some bits that take either a keen eye to notice or a really stupid brain to have occur. Alright enough complaining and general dramatic skull-[REDACTING] insanity.
  8. Does this break craft already landed on other bodies, say the Mun or in orbit of duna?
  9. Id not waste the time to port it. i have tried putting a simple game on a Wii U Before in unity. F[Redacted] that S[Redacted]
  10. According to a LONG dead HotRockets thread, the KSP Particle emitter thing bundled with parttools is used to make effects. i have the 256x256 texture. i have it assigned and shader's set and all the fun stuff done, but how is it exported and then used by engines, and how do i make it randomly rotate the particles. they are all flat and set to face the view which is not the same as the image shown on that thread(Sauce↗). Moar sauce to show what i mean, look at the Effects image in the lower part of the linked HotRokits thread and compare. EDIT: There is a random rotation button, sweet raptor jesus i'm blind.
  11. you have missed ALOT. seriously. we have 64 Bit meaning push your game as far as your RAM expenditure can go. we have new parts STOCK Communication's networks Master improved aero dynamics Female kerbals and so so so much moar.
  12. Also to put your logic into laymen terms, this would be like me going to a store, getting a (INSERT ELECTRONIC NAME HERE) that was advertised as brand new off the factory line fully working with wifi, taking it home, finding out the OS was missing a few lines of code that let it connect to wifi, and instead of calling the company and telling them they need to send out a patch or something i say "Nope, I'm going to fix it myself despite not knowing anything about this piece of software or hardware and probably break everything in the process". *deep inhale* now I'm done.
  13. (when the joke fly's over your head)
  14. the MSEV/Pathfinder mods are the basis of my career game i have put well over 100 hours into, so no i will not remove it, also without having the part in unity i cant adjust the nodes accurately. AND it was ksp that was glitching out with the small inline antenna, rammed a rover into it and got the crew out. so, [REDACTED] off. Also what more detail do you need, its not throwing nullrefs around so log's are not needed, and how am i supposed the fix the headlight problem? i only just recently started making mods and both are FUBAR so why do you expect i know what i'm doing?
  15. a winrar is you.