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  1. Normals are correct and so are UV's. separating it into a different mesh solved the issue.
  2. i set the rotation gameobject and all children to layer 16. its something on the mesh itself that refuses to show up. it might be a texture mapping issue. its a part of the mesh, on the Mk3 IVA its something added to the Mk3Int(the back wall and roof) screencaps incoming
  3. Now its setup correctly although an added part is not showing up despite being shown in unity on the mesh that is being exported. in addition i can for some reason highlight parts such as the command pod the IVA is for from inside it.
  4. Managed to get it to work. it would not compile with the Camera transforms or anything with an Alpha> shader
  5. On further looking i saw it also throws export errors.
  6. Im trying to do some minor changes to the Mk3 Middeck mod and i cant get unity to load the model properly so i can reconfigure the props. the Hierarchy is right as far as i can tell and the cfg is setup right aswell. it spawns the model somewhat but its almost like cloning the main that the .mu was compiled from. Hierarchy What spawned from Parttools IVA Menu VS A Normal IVA (CxAerospace airlock in this case because squad IVA's have cutout masks that make comparison a pain) Note:
  7. Creating new contracts and scenarios are NOT part of stock and require alot of cfg work that could be very hard for newcomers.
  8. at the very least the mission editor could be part of an update instead of expansion seeing as how its a basic feature most games have. if only given extra functionality with the expansion
  9. most likely not under a month after it became available on steam.
  10. I see why they made that decision but i still see it as a [Censored] move. although i do agree the deadline would be reasonable. but so early in 2013 is [REDACTED]
  11. mostly just salty about the way they went about it. why just before august(?) of 2013 why not all of 2013. alot of people most likely bought it during Christmas so it seems like a [censored] move to impose that kind of deadline.
  12. already payed 40 dollars for the game.
  13. hoping this does not count as a necropost. but has anyone taken this mod over in Sarbians absence?
  14. You missed the point. i was just asking if it was possible to implement PhsyX into KSP via a mod. since PhsyX is supported by Unity for physics acceleration. im going to take your answer as a no, and next time please put a TL;DR, although this is a good in depth explanation when someone asks why KSP Physics are single threaded.