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  1. airlocks are added in unity. it would be required by the maker of the docking ports to add support
  2. Thanks.
  3. What is the process for making lights? i cant find a tutorial anywhere on it. figured it has something to do with animated textures
  4. So are you actually blind or am i just stupid and its just a clever member title

    1. Starman4308


      It's a reference to the story in my signature, where I'm exploring Galileo's Planet Pack without looking anything up about it. 

    2. /not/pol/
  5. joined cuz' tech support. stayed for making mods. (A10C Thunderbolt II cockpit coming soon™)
  6. I actually found that exact model in one of my older project folders a few hours after this thread was posted. thanks for linking it either way.
  7. Most likely not the scope of this mod. but to make it alot easier to implement could FreeIVA be required by the Modders to support? it would take pressure off you and could use something like a primitive "panel" collider system(see picture) for intra-IVA collisions. im code-blind so i have no clue what this would take to implement but it seems alot easier to me. Pics:
  8. Modeling a fighter cockpit with custom bits and i need a scaled kerbal in the sitting position and the one i found is not to scale. cant find the model in the sharedassets files. (even better if the origin is placed where the IVA transform would need to be)
  9. Normals are correct and so are UV's. separating it into a different mesh solved the issue.
  10. i set the rotation gameobject and all children to layer 16. its something on the mesh itself that refuses to show up. it might be a texture mapping issue. its a part of the mesh, on the Mk3 IVA its something added to the Mk3Int(the back wall and roof) screencaps incoming
  11. Now its setup correctly although an added part is not showing up despite being shown in unity on the mesh that is being exported. in addition i can for some reason highlight parts such as the command pod the IVA is for from inside it.
  12. Managed to get it to work. it would not compile with the Camera transforms or anything with an Alpha> shader
  13. On further looking i saw it also throws export errors.
  14. Im trying to do some minor changes to the Mk3 Middeck mod and i cant get unity to load the model properly so i can reconfigure the props. the Hierarchy is right as far as i can tell and the cfg is setup right aswell. it spawns the model somewhat but its almost like cloning the main that the .mu was compiled from. Hierarchy What spawned from Parttools IVA Menu VS A Normal IVA (CxAerospace airlock in this case because squad IVA's have cutout masks that make comparison a pain) Note: