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  1. Now I can start a new career and enjoy some new contracts! I'm excited for this!
  2. It wasn't your mistake. You got distracted and weren't able to concentrate on the question. No need to feel stupid.
  3. Why is art so bad for you? I mean: I can't draw and I still like art.
  4. If the student doesn't study, he shouldn't complain about bad grades or failing a class - Simple as that.
  5. I quite like geometry. After all, it enables us to create things like shelves or monitors. Or just look at the Mandelbrot set. Oh, and my school ends June 21st.
  6. Whenever we had physics, it was ALWAYS electricity or electromagnetism, nothing else. Not even F=ma!
  7. I'd say the upper two engines are against rule 1, but I don't judge.
  8. You know you're playing a lot of KSP when you look weird at people who don't understand orbital mechanics.
  9. 2067944? That doesn't look right. Are you sure that it's in km, not m?
  10. Did you do 5.35 circumnavigations with that thing? How did you do that?
  11. I asked because rule 7 states "No Staging". Still, thanks. Edit: Another question: Does a big increase in gliding time (and distance) count as "flying with 50% of the engines"?
  12. So, do I have to activate a parachute by hand or assign it to an action group? Or can I use the staging for that?
  13. Tried to make a SR-71... Ended up with a suborbital spaceplane, but it can go into orbit under the right circumstances. Does that still count?
  14. You do know you can go too far, right?
  15. Loaded up the quicksave again today. I was surprised to see that the airplane stayed intact. Seems like quickloading after a game restart is a workaround. Anyway, here is another quicksave (I provoked the failure this time).It's pretty much garanteed to break up.