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  1. @Spricigo just to let you know, the contract worked after all, just adding a new piece on an old station and placing it on a new celestial body allowed me for completion of the contract. soo it works
  2. yes but, once you leave kerbin and park on mun orbit, can you still check for data on kerbin? Anyway now I think this is kind of redundant because it is not expensive to launch one M700 for each celestial body and looks cool on the mission control.
  3. Just to clarify, I perfectly understand your point and I share that understanding. In no way I pretended the mod author had any obligations with me or anyone else. But I see that it is common that people make suggestions to improve mods, there are even requests to make mods from scratch. Unfortunatelly I don't have the skills to make mods otherwise I would be doing them as well. I also understand that it is a good thing to have people sharing vision, because sometimes, someone have a good idea but have no way to make them happen while others have the skills to make that idea happen. My reading on @Starwaster and you, is that you see me as being somewhat demanding, which I am not. I am just trying to understand why such an interesting feature is out while other that makes little sense is in. Thanks!
  4. I understand, but do you understand that games/sims does not fulfill exactly what happens in reality and that sometimes it is better to makes things a bit simpler to make them more interesting, we as player don't have all the resources real space agencies have to put their rockets/ships/probes in space oe calculate exactly how a re-entry will happen, ALSO Kerbal does have a ludicrous side which you can do things you can't or should not do in real life. And one more argument is that there are lots of mods that allow for "programming" autonomous actions that can help players achieve what they want and I don't think that is un-realistic because in real life you could have a safety trigger to avoid deployment in dangerous circunstances - the feature would just facilitate player's life by not needing another mod just to measure if it is safe to deploy. Soo I think it is reasonable to have such safety autonomous OPTION available, if you don't want to use it is up to you, but I would be gratefull if @stupid_chris could add it in future release. And the other option? how you think it is usefull? Or realistic in anyway?
  5. @Starwaster @stupid_chris Why RC wont respect safety specifications? I mean after armed and once it reaches the settings specifications like pre-deployment altitude, it will deploy even if it is dangerous to do soo (red square - normally because speed is too high). This seems to be lacking feature to me, but perhaps the developer had some reason in mind to take away the deployment restriction on overspeed? Or this is something that is indeed planned for future release? I am trying to understand why the developer took away this usefull feature from stock. Also, in which circunstance NOT CHECKING "automatically arm when staging" is usefull? I am trying to understand why the developer gave us this feature since it doesn't look very usefull to me and until now. Thanks
  6. Well I was taking for granted @evileye.x knew that independent of which mode, they do deploy only when the requirements are meet. If you take that in consideration then my explanation makes more sense.
  7. For what I could understand after several experiments and using RealChutes for some time, there are 2 ways of using RC regarding the moment you stage the chutes: 1-The chutes becomes ARMED 2-The chutes are DEPLOYED The difference between them is that ARMED will deploy only when safe. And DEPLOYED is exact the same time* when you stage. UPDATE: sorry, my mistake. It seems I am still a bit confused. I spent a few hours to try to understand better what happen. Unfortunatelly RC does not seems to respect safety parameter (maximum speeds) when deploying, whichever the option you choose. *There is an option inside settings that allow you to postpone the deployment X seconds after the deploy command is sent. Soo you can have a stage sequence to deploy chutes, separate stages and burn separatrons. If the settings is default to zero, once you stage the chutes will open immediately and this might not be what you want or may lead to disaster. But if you set this option to lets say 5s once you stage it will only deploy the chutes 5 seconds after separation. This is usefull because you wont have control of that stage anymore. Back to the options I first wrote, I need to say they are selected only on the KSC menu (when you have the overview of the entire Kerbin Space Center), you then access the menu and select if you desire depoy or arm once stage, by the way try the NyanCat feature, it is very cool too ------------ On a side note, If I remember correctly, I had problems with ARM only, because it was opening on safe but was being ripped of anyway, or once it tried to deploy once it achieved the desire altitude but if it was unsafe then it DISARMED and did not arm or deploy again when safe. I am not sure because it has been some time, but I know I had problems. To remedy this now I always use DEPLOY command and I set semi-deploy to 3000 and full-deploy to 2000 and it always works. I also use STAGE RECOVER MOD. UPDATE INFORMATION: after more trials I understand better what happended, for some reason that I don't know, bellow 7000m (low atmosphere) the safety status will change from red to light grey from around 800m/s to lower, BUT if I deploy them, they get ripped off. The safe speed to deploy is bellow 600m/s. This does not happen at high atmosphere or medium atmosphere, once the status goes from red to light grey it is safe to deploy. If I have a big expensive stage that goes to orbit with me, I fit it with probe, airbrakes and before I reach around 15% fuel I cut the burn and separate, then I circularize at around 70km and when I am just above the mountains before KSC I full retrograde to cut speed to around 50% (~2200 to ~1400/1000) once I do this, the periapsis will shorten to just around KSC the problem with this is that the rocket will plunge really fast and it will not have horizontal distance to slow down to chute speeds, to remedy this, I use the airbrakes once it stop burn, it will then slow down really fast, soo even if you are close to the ground, lets say 5000m you still have lot of distance to parachute, the airbrakes works really nice, then just deploy the chutes. If you liked this aproach but you don't want to use a probe, you can use a mod to fit in some programable modules that will open the airbrakes and the chutes whenever you want. If you are interested I can dig in the name of the mod as I don't remember right now. Hope this helps.
  8. I guess, Once you annex some new part it understand it is a new vessel??? What you see is not all original, only the lowest part with the triple command module and fixed solar panels is the original. The upper part with all those round propelant tanks is new. I annexed this newer part AFTER I got the contract to the right.
  9. Actually I didn't say that, and I would preffer a gameplay style space station refit, like taking an engineer with the parts up there and actually do the EVA and have somekind of procedure to exchange the dock ports and place the RCSs in place. It would be complexe and difficult but I guess thats how it is to work in space. No fund to just open up a VAB like window and easily modify the vessel. Dont you think Anyway I thank you for your suggestion. I am skeptical about your comment, because once I open up the contract window, some elements for completion are ticked green. I will try anyway because this Station is perfect for Mun. It have 2 vehicles, one for orbital and suborbital missions like rescue and scientific contracts and another for landing purposes, it have lots of space and a big tank enought to go to mun or minmus. So I am not wasting anything trying that. ----------------------- As always, I got great answers and participation. One of the great things I like with this game is the nice and always helpfull community around it. Thanks guys and girls!
  10. Lets say I have a space station and I built it with a Docking Port Jr. but now I have access to new techs and I want/need to upgrade that port to a standard docking port (larger). Another example: the same station does not have RCSs in the earlier built but now I need to fit in those RCSs. Is there any mods that allow me to change/add parts? FYC (C stands for Curiosity) Here is the situation: Some time ago when I had access to just a few tech parts I had a contract to built a Space Station and so I created it, very simple just for the sake of the contract, then I upgraded it 2 times for more contract purposes, now my station is pretty darn interesting so I don't want to waste it or leave it useless in orbit. I have this new contract asking for a space station in Mun and I plan to use the old station for that contract. But I want to make upgrades to compensate for the lack of technology and also the lack of interest when I earlier built it and one of this things is to change the port, another is to fit in more RCSs, in the near future I may want to send it to Minmus.
  11. Then I conclude that rovers are to go around on close distances only. For example a contract that ask to take ground temperatures of 3 sites but they are all near each other, within 10km distance of each other.
  12. Yes, but one thing came to my mind while planning for multiple biomes. How can you get to biomes that are very distant like 100km or 1000km or even more beatween each other manually piloting it? This is HOURS if not DAYS of manual piloting. ??? I can't start a trip near KSC, I tried but as I press ESC the menu apear and the option to go to KSC or Tracking Station are orange and if I click on it, then it says it will have to go back to last saved game.
  13. I am just starting with rovers and I thought that I could somehow launch my rover and go back to KSC and just keep doing my things, like other missions while the rover keep going in a straight line, very mch like the things we launch into space. Eventually I thought that I would need come back and check position to see if it was near the place I expected it to be or if I needed to make some maneuver to put it back on track or to deviate from a mountain range. But...I made 2 rovers with stock parts and mods but I can't just leave it in a straight line and go back to KSC. Soo how is Rover meant to be played? Because if I need to be in constant command, I don't see how much usefull it is, for example making a paralel to Mars rovers which traveled tens of miles. If I am supposed to just use it around, isn't it best to develop a ship that can just fly around?
  14. Hummm, I somewhat agree with you, I must correct myself. The OP should make rocket to make the tourism contracts with AS MUCH PASSANGERS AS POSSIBLE, to dilute the cost over them. He need access to Crew Cabin Mk1 to do soo. The thing is, once he have access to this part he can build for 2, 4, 6, 8 passangers or even more. It is just a matter of how much thrust and fuel he fit in, he does NOT NEED advanced rockets to take more kerbals in those CC Mk1. ALSOOOO, there are lots of hints from me and other contributors that may not be possible for the OP to make use right now, but soon, soo every piece of information is valid. How I wished to know things that was soo relevant in the beggining and not soo much now.
  15. 1-YES, GENUINISSSIMEEEEE 2-Thanks the author and I love it too, I even made a rocket with it to explore Kerbin. See bellow 3-Sure why not. Link bellow