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  1. Boo. How about @WinkAllKerb''?
  2. Preface: This is a random inspired idea, and as such is not fleshed out. I would like to see what the KSP community thinks about this idea and develop it further. I was looking at this thread for a co-op experience in KSP, which, as we all know, is a hassle to discuss and there are parties on both sides that argue that multiplayer in KSP is or simply is not possible. The main issue cited is that timewarping is a crucial component to KSP, because space missions take many months or years to complete. Without timewarping, nobody would want to go anywhere beyond Kerbin's atmosphere, save for a few cool wackos who would volunteer a week to do a Munar mission. My idea is this: What if we remove the time element from time-warping? The issue with current models for multiplayer play is when one player decides to timewarp while another person does not. These two players and their creations become de-synchronized and as such can't realistically interact with each other. BUT, if we allow the ability to double, triple, quadruple, and then up to 10,000x our velocities when in space to complete missions within reasonable play sessions, why not just have this warping not affect normal game time rate? Rather than "speeding up time" as the game currently does it for singleplayer, why not instead literally just boost the speed at which ships travel? If this concept is applied to each vessel individually, of course as well as any vessel docked to the warping one, one player's ship can "warp" to complete their missions while other players are unaffected. This does give possiblilty for players to grief one another by, for instance, causing a collision at 4x the normal speed of their vessel, or a player accidentally warping their space station when another player comes in to dock and either crashing into one another or speeding away from each other. And then that, of course, brings about questions about how to handle multi-player warping (with one such solution being a simple vote), but these are down the road from the base idea. TL;DR: Take the time out of time-warping and increase velocities rather than speeding up time.
  3. To change your title, click "Edit Profile" up in the top right corner of your own profile page, and it should be the very first option. The dots represent post count, but off the top of my head I can't remember how many posts correspond to dots or whatever. Edit: I think I was ninja'd twice. One from two hours ago. Probably one of my finest moments on these forums...
  4. @Mad Rocket Scientist got it pretty well. Links to products, services, and other websites without much in the way of extra words are dead giveaways. Sometimes they have names that are unusual for most users, like one or two letters repeated. Other times it will be completely gibberish, which can be pretty amusing.
  5. Howdy, everybody. I've gotten super, super bored lately, what with my college classes coming to a close and less things to do. I'm looking to get back into Minecraft, but I don't want to get on the official Forum users' server because I'm just antisocial enough that it seems like there are too many players there. Anybody else have a whitelisted server or otherwise low-pop one to play on? I do vanilla except in extreme circumstances.
  6. Thread closed at OP's request.
  7. My personal favorite snack: Honestly, if not the kind of snacks I eat, then for some reason I pictured Kerbals as having boxes and boxes of some sort of granola bar-esque nutrition bar as the default "snack." In my mind's eye, the wrapper is green. That's about all I can offer.
  8. Actually... Good question. I dunno yet, but I'll find out. EDIT: The current thinking is that a recent forum update might have killed the spoiler button for some reason. We're seeing what can be done.
  9. Because this thread is a bit old and the answer to the question is common knowledge by this point, I'm gonna go ahead and lock this up.
  10. Either way will work, but take a look at the guidelines and you'll notice that some rules do have a bit more urgency than others. If a user is going way off the rails and spouting profanity (that's been caught by our filter or skirted around), report immediately. A good rule of thumb is that if you're not sure, report it. There's no penalty for simply making a report to bring something potentially actionable to the moderation staff's attention, and if nothing needs to be done with a report it's..... three mouse clicks away from being solved. PMs are generally more useful if you want to have a private discussion with a moderator about previous action, or raising your concerns in a more formal way. Like @Vanamonde said, if it's not time-sensitive, you can send a PM. If it goes against the guidelines, report it and we can take care of it
  11. I usually have either an escape tower or some form of decoupler built in so I can use the abort button, though the majority of the time I attempt to wrestle crippled rockets into doing something at least partially useful.
  12. Locked at the OP's request. Nice stories
  13. Seeing as this thread's been mostly peaceful since halfway through last year, and the OP hasn't turned up since January, I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this thread is done for for the time being. I can open it up again if the OP decides to return, but for now I'm gonna lock this thread up. Happy posting
  14. @PrathamK, I'm gonna go ahead and say that this mod is likely taking its final rest. I can open up the thread again if the OP comes back and decides to update, but the mod is old and outdated, and it's not looking like it will be soon. Rest in piece, EvilCorp Kerbanomics.
  15. Howdy, everybody, and it's time once more to say hello to the few, the mighty- the Threads of the Month for May! All threads featured in this monthly thread have been chosen by our moderation staff and by users just like you as some of the best examples of content this community has to offer. You can check out last month's TOTM thread here. Don't forget, as always, that if you think we missed a thread or two, be sure to reply here or contact one of our moderators with your suggestion for next month's pickings! I want to give special thanks to @Dman979 for picking a great deal of threads for nomination, with more thanks due to @Vanamonde, @Red Iron Crown, @monstah, and @eloquentJane for helping choose threads. Thanks, people! Oh, and as a final note- This month we're doing something a little bit different. Rather than tagging each individual thread, because apparently there's some computer nonsense that messes the tag up when the OP is edited, we are giving out this super-cool badge to these threads to mark them as Thread of the Month. The set of 12 monthly badges was made for us by none other than @adsii1970. Here's this month's badge thingy: So let's get down to it, and see some awesome threads! Our first thread comes from @Fishy Tree, with a craft that is definitely not fishy. In fact, it has Firefly in the class designation. How did he do? I think he did pretty darn well! This TOTM collection is turning out to be Month of the Crafts, as we've got a vessel here that is decidedly more fishy than the last- Because it's a boat! Ladies and gentlemen, @Castille7's Shark Expedition! In the first non-craft Thread of the Month, we have a very excellent discussion on the ramifications of "hard sci-fi" space travel, and how SSTOs might work in real life, courtesy of one @KerikBalm. Let me ask a question... Who here doesn't love tanks? The answer, of course, is nobody. Therefore, check out @XB-70A's trip to a tank museum! Just a note, there are a ton of pictures here, so enter at your own risk. Of awesomeness. As KSP players, I think all of us have an inherent interest in astronomy and spaceflight. @OhioBob took that to the next level with this thread of his. Sorry that it took... Er... Two years to make it this far, but congratulations! Wrapping up submissions for this month, we have a true Kerbal explorer amongst us. Give it up for @Ferdoni and his amazing mission report, setting out to gather ALL the Science! That concludes this month's Threads of the Month. Be sure to let us know which threads you adore, and remember that we're always taking suggestions for future installments of Threads of the Month! Happy posting
  16. We have a special announcement regarding ALL Thread Of The Month winners, past or present! As mentioned briefly in the May edition of Thread of the Month, instead of using tags to designate TOTM threads, we will be using special badges that can be put in winners' signatures and linked directly to their thread. After a short discussion (as in, about three sentences), we've decided to release these badges for all former TOTM thread owners to use with their threads! Special thanks to @adsii1970 for making the badges, which can be foooouuuuund..... here. Congratulations to every single TOTM thread owner, ever! Again!
  17. Here you go, bro.
  18. Because I do want to end up having more at one point, and because I think I'm obviously side-stitchingly hilarious, here's an idea for my first tattoo. Any particular thoughts? Any of you inked-up forumgoers have any advice?
  19. Ah, but addiction is a different thing entirely. There can be differences from being locked in a room and playing every moment of one's free time, but in general, those who play video games score higher in the areas I mentioned. Certainly, most gamers won't be winning any Olympic medals or bodybuilding championships.
  20. Video games in general are excellent educators. Many of the criticisms of the statistics about video games and their effects on the mind are likely due to generational differences. Statistics show that gamers, on average, have much higher ability to multitask, have more precise motor control, and have higher critical thinking skills.
  21. @FallenPhoenixRA, I went ahead and moved this thread to a more appropriate subforum
  22. @Julian., this thread seems to be very old, as evidenced by the dates on the prior posts. In addition, the version number in the thread title says .25, which is a long-departed version of KSP. In the future, be sure to check the post dates on threads, and let's let this old thread find its peace
  23. If there's nothing to see, it's also reasonable there's nothing to discuss. There is, however, something to lock, so please continue meme discussions at the thread @StupidAndy linked.
  24. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on this addition as well. Realistic? Maybe. However, for terms of game playability, I would say it is best left to mods.