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  1. It's looking like there is at least some correlation between enjoying cake and skill level.
  2. Welcome to the forums! I heard about KSP a year or two before I actually began playing from a friend that played it. Once I realized how amazing it actually was, I never looked back.
  3. I once did a test for a video thing, and like @CaptainTrebor said, it's just reverse spanish. I Google'd some spanish of what I wanted to say, recorded myself speaking it, then reversed the audio. It sounded plenty Kerbal-y, not paying mind to hearing my own voice, but I ended up scrapping the project.
  4. Welcome to the forums! Is that your art or lifted from somewhere else? It looks really awesome.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Many modders go way over their heads. That's why I generally play stock, or only use very light mods like KER.
  6. I know mountain weather all too well.
  7. Armor plating.
  8. Anybody mentioned Just Kerbal 2 or Just Kerbal 3? Where Rico Kerman must use rockets to depose dictators?
  9. Banned for being a "max" (which is also my name).
  10. My favorite space-themed cake.
  11. Rained recently, and made the yard muddy again. I think I prefer snow and wind over rain. Not all that fun cleaning dog paws free of mud and having footprints show up anyway.
  12. For some reason, I've always pictured having a garden in my home in the future. My grandmother, on my mother's side (well, on my dad's side too, but my mom's mom's is way bigger), even into her 90's now, I believe, has an enormous garden and she still keeps animals. By herself. She's a pretty incredible lady. Anything I should know before starting a garden? Like a gardening 101 thing?
  13. Heh, supposing that every day on Kerbin is exactly equal, does that mean that Kerbin technically shares every equinox date with Earth, and every other astronomical holiday Earth celebrates?
  14. Yeah, I wonder where @Tex went. Maybe he'll show up this time! -fingers crossed-
  15. I love exploring Kerbin! It has so much to offer that most players don't ever see because they're too interested in Jool or something. Click the sunglasses in my signature to look at where I've gone, way too many places to post to this thread.
  16. So far, I'm actually quite impressed with the responses. More people than I would have expected seem to welcome the announcement, and I personally think that it is a good step to take. Their new content looks awesome! Sucks that I bought the game two months AFTER when they said all DLC would be free for
  17. Howdy, everybody! For a class I'm taking this semester, I'm writing a paper on the relationship between interactive theatre and video games through the use of immersion. I thought I'd turn to the gaming community I know best to help find answers to questions I might have about the topic, which my professor calls "cutting edge," it's actually quite interesting to hear that. So why do you play video games? What sets them apart from other forms of media, such as movies or theater performances?
  18. So I was browsing the interweb today, and I came across a picture I've seen in the past. So how many pills should be taken? If I understand correctly... Not only should you only eat once per day, at night, take one set of four doses, but for every dose you consume an additional three doses, but every 3rd dose per day you take one dose, which is two doses, but for those two doses, you take three doses each, with an optional dose of either one or two tablets. So that means.... Math..... 4+(3x4)+[(1x2)+(2x3)]+1 OR +2, which equals... Either 21 or 22 pills per day. Thoughts? Also, you can do whatever pointless calculations you want in this thread, free of charge.
  19. Do my calculations appear correct, though?
  20. The picture is years old at this point, I've seen it a few times before.
  21. If at all, it would be that, I'm terrible at mathses.
  22. Agreed, but it clearly says to follow the printed directions.
  23. Banned for living on a gas giant.
  24. I have an extensive music collection on my Spotify, and I have several playlists for occaisions. Generally, when flying or driving around in KSP, I play either my Kick playlist (which is a collection of loud rock music, primarily) or my Moonshinin' playlist (which is several fast-paced, high-energy songs that predominantly feature banjos).
  25. Yup, and that is the crux of my paper. Interactive theatre has exploded in popularity in the past decade, and I am researching to establish a connection in that with the rising level of sophistication and player involvement in video games and other forms of entertainment that are meant to immerse the audience member/player within the story. In short, the concept of "immersion" is the newest and biggest development in entertainment in the modern age.