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  1. RIP MKI Lander can. You served us well, but will be replaced with a much more impressive version.
  2. Oooh i have just seen this now. It sounds great! Now i just have to see if this releases first or Mount and Blade 2. (I will probably get both)
  3. Is it wild fire season again?

    1. sal_vager



  4. This is a good idea! I think there should be science rewards for getting really close to the Sun. The closer you go, the more science you get (Without crashing or burning though). Also some Sun spots that would give extra science if you perform an experiment over it would be cool
  5. Looks like you will be raiding west this year! (Vikings TV show reference)
  6. Buy it and then turn it into the worlds most expensive firework.
  7. Excellent weather today. Not a cloud in sight. This was my favorite lesson so far. I did stall recovery today. On the stall i got a feeling of weightlessness and during the pull out of the dive i could feel my face stretch under the Gs. Also i didn't feel sick at all. I think i have got used to flying now so i don't feel sick any more which makes the lessons a lot more enjoyable. Also i have got used to using the radio mostly. I think i have almost finished the basic learning of 'how to fly' lessons. Next week is practicing a circuit (Clouds and wind stay away please)
  8. I couldn't get to university today because all the trains drivers are on strike. I will just get on this train instead.
  9. Or maybe just the right amount ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  10. Wow! What are the effects of overdosing? Becoming a maths lecturer ?
  11. So this week i finished climbing and descending as well as turns. Next week is stalling.... I will take a sick bag.
  12. known for once being in my old PC. RIP man you served me well.
  13. You can hardly see Minmus from Kerbin. It is spottable though. Like just a few pixels wide. Don't forget your Sun glasses I remember the first time that i launched a rocket to the Mun i got an eclipse and i thought it was so amazing as if it was my destiny.
  14. Hmm, First i would try to play it without your mods to see if that fixes it. Remove one mod at a time so you can narrow down which one causes it. If nothing else, you could try to verify the games files if you have it on steam or you could try a reinstall. Other than that i have no idea what it could be. Sorry.
  15. The only other thing i can think of is maybe you have some background programs running. If you have an antivirus scan scheduled it can slow performance until it is complete.