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  1. Drethon

    Why are people against mods?

    Playing stock provides a leveled playing field so a player's accomplishments can seem to mean something when compared to another player's. When playing modded, comparisons (and competitions) start becoming pointless without extra work to level the playing field again. My $0.02 anyway, I'm usually content competing with the game and myself, so stock or mods don't matter much
  2. Heavy congrats! Those things look like a beast to fly, keep up the good work!
  3. "Once more into the bay, dear friends..." I will say, once more into the breach takes on a whole different meaning in kerbfleet...
  4. I'm not sure I fully agree with that. We have people like the Kerbulans but we live in a world that still has scarcity. Some people have more than the need, a lot of people are a couple days away from starving if everything collapsed, a lot of the human population barely has enough resources to live on. As a result, killing someone and taking what they have is often about survival, not because someone wants to kill someone else. In first world countries, you are more likely to be killed in an accident than murdered (4x just by car accident alone in the US if I got the right numbers). This seems to say that most of the human population is pretty good when their basic needs are met. Of course this isn't a formal study or anything.
  5. #1 priority, keeping Kuzzter employed and health, so really good to hear! A very close second is keeping Kerbfleet going... I left that whip around somewhere... Best of luck at the new job!
  6. A minimum of one week after the last person asks? ... not that I'm not exited for the next chapter myself, always great writing Parkaboy
  7. This sort of thing is why I keep anything of vague importance backed up on google drive. Of course countermeasures likely makes this less of an option. I've dealt with such things and understand why they exist, unfortunately they seem to end up counter productive more often than not.
  8. Just curious, could you have done this with a straight face outside the forums?
  9. Alternate reality Kuzzter has taken over! We need a quest to send someone to the other side and bring our Kuzzter back!
  10. Drethon

    When did you "get it" with KSP?

    I haven't had time to play KSP for quite some time so most of my screenshots are out of data but I think this is a screenshot of my rocket I use to reach the moons of Eve or Duna.
  11. Drethon

    When did you "get it" with KSP?

    There are so many "I get it" moments in this game, and I'm sure I have more. My first rocket launch I tried to go straight up and then turn into orbit... oh, gravity turn? First flight to the Mun and realizing you don't burn "to" the Mun, then burning the wrong way to exit the Mun's SOE to return. My first docking that didn't result in 10 near misses. The first time I realized I don't need large parts to get anywhere outside of Kerbin's SOE. The first time I made a flight to Jool and back without even any maneuvering nodes (was not efficient). I've put more hours into KSP than any game, except Fallout 4 and settlement building (playing KSP requires too much brain in grad school...), and I only consider myself competent at this point.
  12. Drethon

    Daytime Eclipse

    With two moons, it would be interesting to see the Mun eclipsing Minmus as seen from Kerbin.