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  1. Drethon

    ISRU Cooling

    I might have enough space on the big tank under the ISRU, I'll try that to keep stuff out of the way of the rockets.
  2. Drethon

    ISRU Cooling

    Yeah, that layout is great for the miners but less so for the converter. Even four small foldable radiators don't quite cover the converter, so I'll probably be putting in four medium. The design is intended to leave the miner on the surface while the fuel is brought up to orbit, then the tanks are flown back to the surface. IF I can make this work, bringing the tanks back down without hitting or burning up the radiators should be entertaining.
  3. Drethon

    ISRU Cooling

    Perfect! I had read that the radiators work from anywhere but I didn't realize that was just the foldable ones. I went with moving the drills to the smaller tanks I use more for landing gear attachment so I could keep the non foldable radiators. This setup keeps things away from the exhaust of the LV-Ns (I blew up the little solar panels attached in that area and need to test if the new position will avoid that). I might go to foldable but at the moment I think this works good. Thanks guys!
  4. Drethon

    ISRU Cooling

    After travelling most of the Kerbol system I'm finally diving into ISRU. I've done some reading but what I found seemed to be a small radiator per drill was all you need. So I put two large radiators per drill on my test ship as I start with overkill, but I can't seem to keep my drills cool. Here is a shot of the ISRU ship in work, any direction of what I'm doing wrong? (Edit: Answered)Also, can I embed imgur anymore or should I go looking for a different image hosting site? Yes I haven't posted an image here for quite some time.
  5. Drethon

    Post your LANDERS here!

    Some interesting designs I may have to "appropriate" for my own use
  6. Drethon

    Project for my Rocket Propulsion Class

    I think this is a pretty good way of looking at it. Using KSP as purely graphical simulation to kind of show in the background as you discuss the real physics will probably work. Using it for a physics simulation, needs a very careful analysis. If you can show where KSP works for real world and doesn't, you could have something neat, you could also have a lot of tangential work that doesn't really add much value to the project
  7. Drethon

    Is MechJeb hate still a thing?

    Heh, I have a career story in mind around using MechJeb for most everything (You actually trust flesh Jeb TO FLY A SPACESHIP?!) if I ever find time to write it. But it is also less about flying skills and more about the design of the space program. I flew a non lander to the Jool system without MechJeb or maneuver nodes, so I know I can fly it. But while I like flying, I seem to be more engineer than pilot so once I prove to myself I can do something, I tend move onto proving I can build something bigger and better, knowing I could fly it if I wanted to. That and I usually have MechJeb flying the next node in the background while I'm working on my next PHD paper and don't have time to fly manually.
  8. Drethon

    What did you do on your first KSP Flight?

    Mostly tumbled until I figured out what SAS was.
  9. Impressive how long this discussion is. I'll just toss in my own thoughts to extend it longer, if you have a front wheel drive car with the rear wheels on a treadmill and the front wheels on solid ground, could it drive away? This may have been brought up but I gave up reading after the first few pages.
  10. What's bad is keeping count, this obsession is unhealthy. Let Jebs 1-159 rest in peace.
  11. Drethon

    Why are people against mods?

    Playing stock provides a leveled playing field so a player's accomplishments can seem to mean something when compared to another player's. When playing modded, comparisons (and competitions) start becoming pointless without extra work to level the playing field again. My $0.02 anyway, I'm usually content competing with the game and myself, so stock or mods don't matter much
  12. Heavy congrats! Those things look like a beast to fly, keep up the good work!
  13. "Once more into the bay, dear friends..." I will say, once more into the breach takes on a whole different meaning in kerbfleet...
  14. I'm not sure I fully agree with that. We have people like the Kerbulans but we live in a world that still has scarcity. Some people have more than the need, a lot of people are a couple days away from starving if everything collapsed, a lot of the human population barely has enough resources to live on. As a result, killing someone and taking what they have is often about survival, not because someone wants to kill someone else. In first world countries, you are more likely to be killed in an accident than murdered (4x just by car accident alone in the US if I got the right numbers). This seems to say that most of the human population is pretty good when their basic needs are met. Of course this isn't a formal study or anything.